What Is Photosynthesis

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What Is Photosynthesis

It is a process of food and oxygen production by the trees, algae and bacteria in the presence of sunlight. Basically photosynthesis is categorised into two parts, oxygenic and anoxygenic photosynthesis. However, most plants, algae and bacteria use oxygenic photosynthesis process for making of their food.

Light energy passes through water which produces electron and mix with plant roots to produce carbohydrates, this is how carbon dioxide gets reduced in the water which oxidises the water, as a result oxygen is produced with carbohydrates.

In the process of photosynthesis, chlorophyll is used and the red and blue light use in the process of photosynthesis to produce green pigment.

What Is The Process Of Photosynthesis?

It is the process of producing oxygen and sugar with the help of carbondy oxide and sunlight. It is time consuming process and takes multiple reactions. This process includes water, light and corbondy oxide to produce the as a result glucose, water and oxygen come out.

Let us understand it in other words photo which means the presence of light and synthesis is the production of carbohydrates or sugar. All the process of photosynthesis takes place in chloroplast which is a distinct structure of plant cell.

To understand photosynthesis meaning, we need to know the chemical process of photosynthesis which take water, carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce the oxygen and carbohydrate which is very significant for the existence of our life. Photosynthesis is the process which uses the sun energy to convert it into chemical energy which is the fundamental component of life to live life on the earth. Hence, as a result, we can say that all the living things are existing on the earth just because of photosynthesis which happens in the presence of sunlight, this is how we can say that the solar energy is the fundamental source of energy on the earth.

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What Is The Photosynthesis Formula?

The basic chemical equation of photosynthesis is 6CO2+6H2--- C6H12O6+6O2, as a result, the sugar,, we get after the chemical reaction is used by organism and the oxygen is released in the atmosphere as a residue.

However, we could not imagine life on the earth, if photosynthesis chemical reaction did not take place. Apart from this, photosynthesis process is used to produce energy like electricity, many other activities happening need energy to complete all the mechanical process.

What Are The Raw Materials For Photosynthesis?

Basically, there are two raw materials used in photosynthesis is carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight to produce the carbohydrates and oxygen. Carbohydrates are the food source of plants, algae and bacteria and oxygen is released as by-product in the atmosphere which the entire living organism consumes for respiration. Let us understand the concept with an example a tiger eats fox, a snake eats a rat, a rat eats some insects, all are interdependent and living their life but the fundamental source of energy is sunlight which gives energy to all living organism because during photosynthesis plants take in carbon dioxide and water to produce the oxygen and carbohydrates and carbohydrate is used by them oxygen is released out which all living creatures consume for their existence.

All these plants, algae and bacteria do the photosynthesis to make their food which they get after the long process of photosynthesis as a result, we can say that life survive on the earth when we protect these plants and algae as they are the basic courses of oxygen on the earth.

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How Does Photosynthesis Impact Human Life?

Photosynthesis is considered as one of the best available sources of oxygen in the atmosphere. For completing carbon cycle in the atmosphere, the process of photosynthesis is compulsory as well as it compulsory for the plants survival. For understanding the importance of photosynthesis in human life, we have to look at some points.

  • Without photosynthesis, there would not be oxygen on the earth.
  • It is number one source of oxygen.
  • Photosynthesis is responsible for strong bonding among the plants, algae and other living creatures like lion, tiger, humans and many others.
  • Without photosynthesis, we cannot imagine life on earth.

Apart from this, without photosynthesis, the history we have today to tell our children is because of our ancestors who have lived on this planet earlier, is just because of the presence of photosynthesis or oxygen on the earth.

Which Plants Do Not Participates In Photosynthesis?

As everyone knows that all the plants participate in the process of photosynthesis but when someone says to you that there are some plants which do not participate in photosynthesis process. Yes, it's right. There are some plastic plants like mycoheterotrophs always get their energy from some fungi like mycorrhizae to survive. These nonparticipation plants are also known as ghost plants because of their nature of stealing the nutrients from oxygen producing plants.

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Why Are Role Of Plants In Human Life?

As we all know that life without plants is not possible on this planet. There are millions of species of trees available because they make their food from photosynthesis process which is ultimately becomes the main source of oxygen for humans on the planet. Following are the benefits of plants.

  • Produce oxygen.
  • Help all other creature on the earth.
  • There is one of the main sources of food on the earth.
  • Soil also gets nutrients from trees.

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