What Is A Climate Change Essay

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What Is A Climate Change Essay

Every student who studies in a college or university needs to write an essay on climate change and climate change is also part of their syllabus which basically comes under Geography or Environment.

What Is Climate Change?

Climate change is related to the environment of earth which impacts everything which is surviving on earth. For the last few years climate change has completely changed because as you can see less precipitation, warm weather, long summers and small winters which show that our climate is changed. The reason behind all these climatic changes is only humans as we humans have exploited all the natural resources drastically because in the process of development we did not care about our natural resources like industrial consumption of river water, excess cut of trees and many other reasons like use of air conditioners, industrial waste, use of plastic and many other products have become the reason of global warming and global cooling, as a result our climate has completely changed.

How Should Students Write An Essay On Climate Change And Global Warming?

For writing essays on effects of global warming, students should focus on learning the basics of climate change, earth, human behaviour, industrial development and many other things. Students who want to write an essay on climate change should know some basic things which are important for writing a good essay.

  • First of all, students should write an impressive introduction in which they should brief something about climate change.
  • Now students should write the body part of the essay in which they should include all the issues related to climate change like the issue of groundwater, less forest cover as compared to human beings, and the issue of global warming which will make your essay rich and engaging.
  • In the conclusion part of your climate essay, you should try to provide some solution on the burning issues of climate change and global warming.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Homeostasis?

How To Write A Speech On Climate Change?

We are living in the era of technology which has changed the word completely as a result, we can see the industrialisation which has changed the way of living, many people got employed in these industries and saved their livelihood but all this happened without caring about the nature, hence we have destroyed the natural set up of nature therefore we are facing many challenges as scarcity of groundwater, less precipitation, hot weather and global warming. There are many consequences of climate change which we need to understand.

  • The people who are living near the tropical areas will face several challenges like warmer weather and various kinds of diseases.
  • Winters will be too cold.
  • Due to climate change, glaciers will start melting which is very dangerous to earth as well as humans.
  • Due to climate change, we can see the rising sea level.

What Are The 7 Solutions To Climate Change?

Climate change has become a significant phenomenon to human beings as we live on the planet earth which is our house where we cannot live without proper management, hence for living a life we need some basic natural things like air, water, food but all these thing have been polluted due to humans changing lifestyle and all these activities of humans have impacted badly to our climate as a result we are facing various existential challenges like warmer weather, scarcity of water, polluted water and many other things but we can mitigate with all these issues by following few measures.

  • First of all, we will have to stop excavating fossil fuels from the earth.
  • We shall have to move towards pollution free transport.
  • Plantation of trees by everyone should be compulsory.
  • Promotion of renewable energy like solar energy and wind energy.
  • Reduce the consumption of meat.
  • Avoid the use of plastics from our lives.
  • Try using public transport.

Difference Between Affect And Effect

How Are Environmental Conservation And Climate Change Both Interrelated?

Environmental conservation is the process of saving the environment, natural resources and other resources. Hence we can save our climate by taking some measures.

  • By environmental conservation, we can save our trees, rivers and oceans; this is how we can save our climate too.
  • Environmental conservation is also helpful in sustainable development.
  • It also supports biological diversity on the earth.
  • We must recycle the waste material.
  • Humans need to change their lifestyle according to nature.
  • Deforestation has been a major reason for climate change.

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