Why Do Thunderstorms Come

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Why Do Thunderstorms Come

Thunderstorm is a kind of storm which comes with thunder and lightning. It is a natural phenomenon. Cause of the thunderstorm is the rise of moisture and warm air in the atmosphere. This is how cumulus clouds are formed which create thunderstorms.

Due to warm and wet air in the atmosphere, warm updraft creates which later on turns into thunderstorms. Thunderstorms can create turbulence, rain and hail storms in the atmosphere. Mostly it occurs in spring and summers. Thunderstorms can be seen anywhere in the world because these are natural phenomena which happen everywhere in the world. There are some areas where thunderstorms are more prone than other areas of the world. An area below freezing point, it is known as hailstorm. Hailstorm is not a common phenomenon, it occurs rarely and such storms are called thunder snow.

What Is The Cause Of The Thunderstorms?

There are some natural causes of thunderstorms like warm unstable air, moisture and lift. Moisture in the atmosphere comes from the oceans. These warm ocean currents are mainly responsible for creating thunderstorms. There are mainly three stages of thunderstorm formation namely cumulus stage, mature and vanish.

  • Cumulus: Moist air moves upward which forms cumulus clouds. As a result, air turns into water droplets and creates huge cumulus clouds. As warm air is lighter than cold air, as a result warm air gets upward and cold air gets downwards.
  • Mature: As moist air will increase hence clouds also increase in the atmosphere and after the condensation, it turns into precipitation.
  • Vanish out: After a certain point where there is no warm air present in the atmosphere, then the formation of clouds gets reduced, hence the formation of water droplets also gets reduced and slowly, it vanishes out from the atmosphere.

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How Danger Thunderstorm Can Be Disastrous For Humans?

Thunderstorms are one of the most dangerous natural phenomenon's in the world. As every thunderstorm comes with lightning, it may be dangerous for any creature which comes to the range of lightning. Most of the time, it occurs after noon or in the evening, hence people should be conscious, if they see these kinds of situations. Avoid moving out during thunderstorms, if you are in an open area then you should take shelter immediately. There are some other related dangers like hailstorm, tornado and flash flooding which also cause danger to the people. People are advised to take some measures during this situation; hence there are some precautions which can be taken.

  • People should be aware as most of the media channels would be informing you about the situation.
  • People should prepare the kit for use in an emergency situation.
  • Staying at home would be the best decision at this period of time.
  • In case you are out of home, you should take shelter in a nearby place.
  • Place all those things aside which can cause injury to you during the thunderstorm.
  • Shut all the doors and windows carefully.
  • If you have information about a thunderstorm occurrence, you should avoid moving out those horses or days.
  • Stop all the activities that can be a conductor of electricity like water, metals or any other insulators which are supposed to be a good conductor of electricity.
  • Do not stay under the tall trees as those are more prone areas so you should place yourself under some small trees as those are safer areas to save yourself.

What Is The Reason For The Occurrence Of The Thunderstorm At Night?

Thunderstorms are more prone in day time but most disastrous in night because it creates hail storms in the night which is more destructive than thunderstorms. As temperature and moisture both are necessary for the occurrence of thunderstorms which is less as compared to day time that is why thunderstorms often occur in day time but it is more lethal in night.

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What Causes The Day Thunderstorm?

Most of the time thunderstorms occur in the daytime. As earth becomes hotter in the second half of the day and warm air rises up in the atmosphere and mixes up with the cool air, as a result, instability creates in the air which later in the second half of the day turns into thunderstorms. But it is not a fact that thunderstorms can only occur in the second half of the day, actually it can occur at any point of time either it is day or it is night.

What Are Some Unnoticed Things About The Thunderstorms?

There are many facts which we never notice about the thunderstorms. So here are the following points which give some more interesting information on thunderstorms.

  • Every year, 16 million thunderstorms occur in the world.
  • There are 2000 thunderstorms continuously occurring in the world.
  • Due to thunderstorms, heavy lightning occurs which creates multiple problems like hailstorms, precipitation and tornadoes.
  • 1000 thunderstorms occur in the United States every year.
  • There are four types of thunderstorms like single cell, multicellular line, super cell and multicellular cluster.
  • An average thunderstorm can exist for 30 minutes.

What Should Be Avoided During A Thunderstorm?

As many people love to play in the rain, however, most people do not know that they should avoid moving out during thunderstorms, especially when there is a lightning storm because it can be dangerous. Following are the points which one must avoid during the thunderstorm.

  • Standing in an open area: During a thunderstorm, do not stay in an open area which is not considered safe during the storm.
  • Using water: Do not bathe during the lightning storm and do not use any source of water otherwise it can electrify you.
  • Do not touch concrete and metal structures: Never touch metals, concrete structures and other electric conductors and insulators which are the medium of electricity conductor, so one should keep away from these objects to avoid any kind of casualty.

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