What Are The Research Paper Topics And How To Write It

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What Are The Research Paper Topics And How To Write It

Research paper is a kind of academic writing. It is the writer's own feeling and articulation which shows your understanding on that topic on which you are writing the research paper. This is the list of good research topics.

  • Cyber security and its impact on society.
  • Benefits of online business.
  • Impact of white collar crime in the society.
  • Importance of human rights.
  • Civil rights movement.
  • Impact of liquor on health.
  • Moral policing.
  • College cultural programme
  • Cultural tourism.
  • Importance of history.
  • Global warming.
  • How deforestation can be dangerous for human existence.

Considering the research paper topics is a challenging task to the students as there are many topics available but choosing one on which you have to write your research paper. There are some keynotes which must be considered in writing the good research paper topics.

  • First, have a look at all the available topics on those subjects and then choose a topic which you think that you can write better on.
  • Finding out the best source of information which can provide you with the best and accurate information like some information from modern libraries, information from government websites and many published articles of famous scholars.
  • Formulating the central idea of the topic so that you can understand that you have to write the research paper around that idea.
  • You must write an outline before writing the research paper so that you can write it in the organised way.
  • Now start writing the research paper and leave all the things behind, if you face any kind of problem like grammar, spelling and punctuation, you can rectify it later.
  • Now you have to decide the writing style which you have to use in writing the research paper.

How To Write Research Proposal?

Types of research paper: There are many types of research papers which can be considered and it is also important which kind of research you are going to write, but here we will discuss some important types of research papers.

  • Analytical Research Paper- In this type of research paper, you have to draw some questions and then find out the answers with the help of other researchers so that you can analyse the data and you have to give independent viewpoints.
  • Definition Paper- This paper is based on facts and figures; it does not use any emotional story or write up.
  • Cause and effect paper- This paper is based on why and how, through this paper, one can reach till the reason of the issue.
  • Interpretative paper- This paper demands the knowledge which researchers have acquired from the different case studies.
  • Survey Research Paper- In this research paper you need to provide the conclusion which includes asking a few questions against the responders.

What Are The Social Media Research Topics?

For writing a good research paper, you should do some research through different mediums which are not so popular presently so that you can get different topics and you should also care that your research must include all the important aspects and if you have any example from the current situation then that would be add value in the research paper. This is the list of some social media research topic ideas.

  • Impact of social media on youth.
  • Social media is boon or bane.
  • Benefits of social media.
  • How social media has become an important part of life.
  • Why social media is called the fourth pillar of democracy?
  • How has YouTube become the most popular among the people?
  • Why is twitter used by famous personalities?
  • How is social media wasting the golden period of youth?
  • Impact of social media on health.

How Can One Structure A Research Proposal?

How Can Students Write Research Papers?

There are many ways to write the research paper, it depends on the country, university to university and college to college and with the help of a research paper example students can make it better to the readers.

  • First of all you write the abstract in which you have to mention all the facts related to the topic and it is written in the top left corner without giving any extra space.
  • Now you have to write the introduction part in which you have to raise all the important questions and issues of the topic.
  • Now mention the research method which you have used in the research paper like qualitative or quantitative.
  • Now discussing the result of the research paper means what did you get as a finding in the research.
  • Writing the conclusion is important because it shows the crux of the research to the readers but should not write any new thing here in this section.

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