What Is A Research Proposal

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What Is A Research Proposal
  • Research proposal is a kind of academic writing, for analysing a particular topic we tend to write a research proposal but the condition on which you are going to write should not have been used before for writing a research proposal.
  • It gives impetus to the theories and ways to analyse your hypothetical point of views used in the research proposal.
  • Research skills and argumentative writing both are indispensable while writing a research proposal.
  • You must have a good understanding of that particular subject on which you are going to write your research proposal.
  • It also tells about what are your justifications, research and your practical approach towards the topic.

How To Write Research Proposal?

There are many students who do not know how they write their research proposal. Here are a few fundamental elements of formatting a research proposal.

  • Choosing a title of research is also an important aspect of a research proposal, you should always choose your title short and simple.
  • Now you have to make a good background that can describe your issue completely. And you will have to give a brief view about the literature you have used in the research proposal.
  • You have to prepare a research proposal introduction that can appropriately describe the research proposal.
  • Your research questions must be easy to understand and you must ensure that you have answered all the issues related to that topic.
  • Now you have to write about the research method that has been used in the research proposal. You should keep a few points in your mind that have you written down about the theoretical method, have you included the approach of research and describe the research method you have used in the research proposal.
  • For writing a good research proposal, you need enough time because it is a lengthy document; it requires time to write an appropriate research proposal.
  • Bibliography of your research proposal is very important to mention, for that, you need to write the used resources details as a reference like if you have taken some information from any book then you are supposed to mention the name of the writer, name of the publication.

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What Are The Challenges In Writing A Research Proposal?

  • Students face challenges in choosing their research proposal topics, therefore they should be very clear in writing their research proposal; they must ensure that whatever they are writing should be understandable.
  • Now you have to mention the purpose of the research proposal. You need to answer all the questions that have been raised as a problem in your research proposal.
  • You should mention all those points that you have included as a problem in that area and do mention the methodology that you have used to describe the subject.
  • You need to collect proper information and data as to mention the source of information and also tell about the exact source of data and information like you can mention that you have used qualitative as well as quantitative methods for data collection.
  • If your research topic is broad then it will take too much time in completing the research and it will also lose the focus area of the topic.
  • Those subjects that need research are the subjects that can be directionless just because of the broadness of the topic, so what should be your rule of thumb, answer is simple, you should narrow down your focus so that you can complete your work within deadline with a good quality.
  • Mismatch of research goals and research questions is also a big challenge among the students, so you as a student should be firm at the alignment of these things while writing your research paper otherwise it will lead to the rejection of your research proposal.
  • Your research topic should justify your means. Most of the time, it is seen that the topic you chose to write the research proposal is not matching with the method and information you have used.
  • Weak theoretical base can also be a reason for the rejection of your research proposal, in other words, it is required to reveal your own knowledge and that is only possible when you read a lot like you have used irrelevant study material, below standard sources, and did not refer to related important case studies.
  • The research structure you have implemented should not be unorganized.
  • They do not provide enough details about the topic because they do not understand the importance of enough details.
  • Poor articulation of sentences and incorrect use of grammar is also a big problem of the rejection of the research proposal.
  • You must mention the research philosophy like whether you have used pragmatic research philosophy or positivist, because it helps in building trust.
  • You should also mention the research method used in writing the research proposal like whether you have used an inductive method or deductive.
  • You should also mention the research strategy that you have used in writing the research proposal like whether it is experimental or action oriented.
  • You should also mention the techniques that you have used in writing the research proposal like your method of data collection, strategies in making data samples.
  • Your writing should not be poor otherwise it can also lead to the rejection of the writing proposal. As a result it makes you directionless, weak in argument, exaggeration of sentences and many more.
  • Most students forget to provide references about the material they have used in the research proposal.
  • Low quality visuals and diagrams are also reasons for rejection because it leaves a bad impression before the professors.

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