What Are Some High School Debate Topics

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What Are Some High School Debate Topics

First let us basically understand what a debate is. A Debate is a discussion related to a particular topic among a predefined group of individuals where one group speaks in favour of the topic and the other speaks against the topic.

An ideal debate topic is the one which is suitable to all types of audiences whether politically correct or politically incorrect. Choice of topics can be from any field like politics, science, social studies, agriculture, robotics, society, culture, history, entertainment etc.

The topic should be gripping and suitable to all the audiences as well as to the debaters.

What Are The High School Debate Topics Of 2022 In Various Fields?

The various debate topics associated with the field of education are-

  • Should online classes be banned?
  • Should bags be light in weight?
  • Should parents accompany their children to school?
  • Should assignments be given more in number?
  • Should the teacher student ratio be increased or is it being maintained well enough?
  • Is vocational training more valuable than contemporary school education?
  • Should corporal punishment be banned from schools?
  • Home teaching is equivalent to school teaching.
  • Does cultural diversity impact the students as much as teachers?
  • Should meat products be taken off the menu in school canteens?
  • Should homework be given on a daily basis?
  • Should students be allowed to evaluate teachers?
  • Is education necessary to be successful?
  • Should children who do not complete homework be given detentions?
  • Schools should focus more on science and maths rather than music and arts.
  • Should schools offer prizes to students who perform well or achieve good grades?
  • Are grades and marks more important than learning and social skills?
  • Do parents need to spend more time with children?

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Some Of The Important Debate Topics Related To Environment Are As Follows

  • Should smoking be allowed in public places?
  • Should deforestation be stopped?
  • Should animals be kept in zoos?
  • Is fish farming well or should it be banned?
  • Is it good to exploit Antarctica??
  • Is pet ownership ethical?
  • Should killing animals for meat is banned?

Some Of The Important Topics Related To Society Are As Follows

  • Should children take care of parents when they are old and sick?
  • Is it good to have more than two children?
  • Should veganism be encouraged?
  • Should homosexuality be criminalised?
  • Should divorced women remarry?
  • Should human scavenging be banned?

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What Are Some Of The Most Controversial Debate Topics Of 2022?

  • Should death penalty be abolished?
  • Should cloning be legalised?
  • Should co education schools introduce sex education as a part of their curriculum?
  • Is globalisation harmful for the developing world?
  • Should China be held responsible for the corona virus pandemic?
  • Should Kashmir be demilitarised ?
  • Should India engage in a dialogue with Pakistan over Kashmir?
  • Should child labour be banned or is it beneficial for the poor?
  • Should World Bank give interest free loans to poor countries?
  • Should richer nations give aid to poorer nations every year?
  • Is premarital sex good or bad?
  • Should yoga be made compulsory in schools?
  • Is Hindi the national language of India?
  • Religious extremists are terrorists.

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Some Of The Most Important And Interesting High School Debate Topics Related To Economics Are

  • Should IMF put more sanctions on richer nations and help poor nations?
  • Is capitalism compatible with democracy?
  • Is socialism better than capitalism?
  • Should the government intervene in the economy?
  • Should more money be given to poorer nations by richer ones?
  • Does cutting corporate tax create more jobs for the middle class?

Some Of The Most Important Debate Topics Related To Policy And Law Are As Follows

  • Should police solve all criminal cases within particular time frame?
  • Should voting be mandatory?
  • All drugs should be legalised.
  • Is freedom more important than security?
  • Should religious speeches be censored by the media?
  • No one should be allowed to keep guns.
  • Should right to information act be more simplified?
  • Should children stay with their parents after they turn 18?

Some Of The Most Interesting Debate Issues Related To History Are As Follows

  • Dictatorships are better than democracies.
  • Two world wars shaped the world into a better place.
  • Did the Soviet Union participate in the Second World War?
  • British colonialism is the real root behind all problems in India.
  • Did India achieve independence too late?
  • Socialism and fascism are the same terms.
  • Totalitarianism was better and much underrated than democracies.
  • Was the Roman Empire good for the trajectory of humanity?
  • Has the hegemony of the western world been demolished?
  • Did the US win the Vietnam War?

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Some Of The Most Interesting Debate Topics Related To Fun And Frolic Are As Follows

  • Should a year have more than 365 days?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Can we fly like birds if we build wings?
  • Should social media be dead?
  • Cats are better than dogs as pets.
  • Should blood sport be banned?
  • Is there a limit to comedy?
  • Film stars and politicians are most corrupt professionals.
  • Do women spend more time in the toilet as men?
  • Do serials teach us reality?

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