An Appropriate Guide For Argumentative Essays Topics

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An Appropriate Guide For Argumentative Essays Topics

Essay writings give a kickstart to students' creativity as they are expected to express their thoughts by beautifully connecting all the dots. There is a proper way of writing essays in the most effective manner. Writing is a long pathway from selecting an eye-catchy topic to giving the final ending to your thought. However, with practice, you can master the skills in no time.

There are various types of essays, such as narrative, descriptive, expository, and argumentative, written for different purposes.

In this blog, we will try to introduce you to every aspect of writing an argumentative article.

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

Definition of Argumentative Speech

An argumentative speech is a speech which is delivered by the speaker and the speaker tries to follow the audience to affect the views on a controversial issue.

As the name suggests, an essay that involves the making of an argument using any research or example is referred to as an argumentative essay. In this type of essay, the writer has to find the grey areas or the controversial topic to argue in their content, either for or against the topic. A piece of relevant evidence supports the argument.

The structure and the subject choice plays an important role in writing a fantastic essay that can attract more readers. Students roam down the streets asking questions about how to write perfect content or how to pick the best topic. Their queries can be quickly answered by essay helper as they are helping several students out there.

There are few steps that can be used in referring argumentative speech

  • You should always write an attention seeker opening so that your audience will forget all the things and they tend to listen to whatever you are delivering at that point in time. You should reveal your knowledge in your argument that will show your authority on the topic.
  • When you are writing an argumentative speech you should always give persuasive evidence. You should always use real life examples so that your audience can relate to it easily. For example, you can write that due to covid-19 people are being vaccinated so that their lives can be saved.
  • You should also address the counter arguments because this gives you the opportunity to counter the opposing views that can come from the opposite side.
  • You should always conclude in the end, this is how you can revise all the stuff which you have narrated till now.
  • For delivering the speech you must practice a lot in front of the mirror so that you. This will help in improving your body language and facial expression.
  • If you want to improve your delivery then you can make a video recording and watch it again and again, this is how you can get an extra edge. This is how you can get out of fear of delivering the speech in front of the audience.
  • You should be well dressed so that your audience can feel that you are an organized person so your delivery would also be organized

How To Write A Good Argumentative Essay?

An essay is generally written based on feelings and thoughts; however, to write an excellent argumentative essay, one must research to support the valid points. Let's make you understand this by an argumentative essay example:

You are working with an organization, and you want leave for two days, so in that case, you can ask in the following ways:

  • You should grant me two paid leave because I want you to.
  • You should allow me to take a break as I have worked overtime for the last few days.

The first sentence shows only your feelings, and on the other hand, the second sentence demonstrates that you have worked hard to earn those leaves. Your employer is more likely to respond positively in the second scenario. Similarly, by putting the evidence in your writing to support your thoughts, the readers will understand that your argument is relevant and to the point.

What Is An Impromptu Speech?

Ways To Write An Argumentative Essay

It is advisable to write the essay by dividing it into five paragraphs. However, this is not only the solution for writing an engaging paragraph. Usually, the argumentative essay is written in two formats: the Rogerian and Toulmin model.

In a Rogerian model, two aspects of the argument are analysed, and after looking at the strength and weaknesses, a conclusion is drawn. On the other hand, the Toulmin model is most commonly used by writers in which an introduction is given with the support of a claim. Some may consider this as another form of thesis.

Both models can be used for framing an outstanding essay. When you write something keeping all the essential pointers and formats in mind, the outcome automatically results in the best.

What Makes Argumentative Essays Different From Others?

In these types of essays, there is no storytelling or explanation about a particular topic. There is an argument involved regarding a specific point. The essay shows the convincing power skills as they are written to convince the audience.

Another factor that makes argumentative essays different from others is that they are research-based. Writing only feelings and thoughts in your content won't work the best.

Benefits Of Using Emotive Language

How To Choose Topics For An Argumentative Essay

Sometimes, it may happen that you are arguing on the fact that you also don't have a strong belief. However, if you can choose the topic yourself, select the topics you believe the most. This will help you to search for the evidence in less time. A strong point of view and appropriate evidence is needed to win the argument. So, by selecting the topic of your choice, you can write exceptionally well.

Collect all the relevant points and put them systematically in your essay.

First, note down the important evidence and expand them to write your content. Once your topic is selected, you are halfway there to frame the whole write-up. Your Original Argumentative Speech Topics Ideas can help you stand out from the crowd.

Petal Paragraph

What Are The Argumentative Speech Topics For College?

The topic you are choosing for speech in your college should contain the following parameters:

  • Your topic should be thought igniting so that your audience can start thinking about your said ideas.
  • Your argument should be relevant which can be correlated with the real world.
  • Your argument should be fresh, it should not be like you have taken it from others.
  • Whatever you want to express in your argument should be very clear in its purpose.

List Of Topics For College:

  • How to gain knowledge with the help of the Internet ?
  • What is the difference between private college and Government college ?
  • What is the red list of IUCN ?
  • Why is the earth round ?
  • Why do we follow democracy ?
  • What is the constitution ?
  • Why is economics important ?
  • What is philosophy ?
  • What is International Relations ?
  • What is the basic difference between Political science and polity ?
  • Why do we give so much importance to America ?
  • Why is methane gas used in LPG cylinders ?

What Are The Unique Argumentative Speech Topics?

  • Should social media be banned ?
  • Freedom of expression to be banned ?
  • Harmful drugs should be banned ?
  • Should we allow Loud music at night ?
  • Age of marriage should not be more than 21 year.
  • Should we not have more than one car ?
  • Should all the transactions be online ?
  • Should we allow only good TV series ?
  • Old heritage must be preserved.
  • Should we preserve vintage cars ?
  • Democracy is the best way of ruling a country.
  • Dress code should be compulsory in all the schools.
  • Examination should not be mandatory to get a job.
  • Students should be given the option to choose their favorite courses.
  • We should have separate schools for girls and boys.
  • Should we provide education free of cost to everyone?
  • Merijuana should not be legal.
  • Children should respect elders.
  • Teachers should not shout at the students.
  • Parents should not pressurize students.
  • Discrimination should not be allowed in the society.
  • Religion is like a medicine for some people.

What Are The Great Argumentative Essay Topics?

  • Election commission should not be given so much power.
  • Democratic government should not be authoritative.
  • Politics should not happen on any sensitive issues.
  • Election procedure of the President should be easy.
  • Suicide should not be legal.
  • Hanging should only be allowed for rare cases.
  • Minimum wage system is good for everyone.
  • College timing should not be more than 6 hours.
  • Doctors should not charge poor people.
  • Should we allow sex education.
  • Arts education should be compulsory for everyone.
  • Tax should not be imposed on poor people.
  • Monopoly is good for some products.

What Are Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics?

  • Chinese is the toughest language to learn.
  • Human beings are responsible for global warming.
  • Underground water has become polluted.
  • Life time imprisonment should not be allowed.
  • Watching horror movies can be harmful to the heart patient.
  • Sports should be compulsory in all the schools.
  • Basic education should be free to all.
  • Human rights should not be violated.
  • Women empowerment is compulsory for equal development.
  • Corona vaccine should be compulsory to all.
  • Public transport is the best way to travel in a crowded city.
  • Allopathy has many side effects.
  • Ayurveda must be used to cure all diseases.
  • Geographical indicators help in promoting a popular product.
  • Government elections should happen every year.
  • Honesty is not the only best policy.

Types Of Argumentative Essay Topics

The writer can select the topics from various sources and multiple subjects. Some are listed below:

Science and technology:

  • Are vaccination safe for school going children
  • Involvement of world government in dealing with climate change.
  • Social media pro's and con's
  • Can a machine work better than humans?
  • Impact of technology among youth
  • Should WhatsApp be allowed to save data?

Topics related to health:

  • Should various supplements be banned?
  • Should parents be allowed to abort the child?
  • Can chemists provide medicines without prescriptions?

Topics related to politics, government and ethics.

  • Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  • The voter registration can be done automatically
  • Should penalties related to death be legal?
  • Should alcohol be banned?

It's time to address some important frequently asked questions:

What Are Argumentative Essay Topics In Middle School?

Interesting topics for an argumentative essay should be selected to gain the attention of the youth. The topics chosen in high school are :

  • Should gaming be banned?
  • Pros and cons of using social media
  • Should junk food be banned?
  • Voting rights should be given or not.
  • Studying on weekends only

Every student can select these types of topics to attract the audience's attention.

What Are Argumentative Essay Topics In High School?

The topics can be related to jobs, technology, relationships, careers etc., as, during high school, students are more focused on their future. So, the topics should be meaningful and to the point.

Why hit your heads against the walls for selecting the perfect topic for yourself?

All you have to do is tell your requirements to The Student helpline and get the list of trending topics from best assignment experts within no time.

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