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Spatial Order

Students have to scratch their heads for making their writing better than their fellows. Several attempts can go in vain if writing is not done systematically. A logical line-up of sentences and good vocabulary, along with sound research, is required to do top-notch writings. A writer must have a good storyline and a vast ocean of knowledge to express their thoughts beautifully.

As it is said that one shoe doesn't fit them all, there is no strict rule to follow for writing order or patterns. however, choosing a particular way can be helpful for impressive results.

In academic essay writing, various patterns are used to represent the event logically. Some are listed below:

  • Cause and effect pattern
  • Problem solution method
  • Spatial order
  • The pattern of advantage and disadvantage
  • Order of importance
  • A pattern of chronological order

The writer or student should first analyze all the patterns carefully and choose the best one to deliver their thoughts to connect with the audience.

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What Is Spatial Order?

Like any other writing pattern, the spatial order pattern is written to deliver a story's plot to showcase the crucial elements of a scene by describing the events in a systematic order. The content in the pattern can be arranged in any order, either from left to right or from top to bottom.

This form of pattern can be considered descriptive writing. Through this order, the visual description of the actual scenario can be done effectively and efficiently.

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How Do You Structure An Essay Using Spatial Order?

To kick start your writings, the first thing you need to do is brainstorm. You should have a clear picture of significant points at the backend of your mind before writing. Once your thoughts are organized and crisp, you can pen down them beautifully.

  • Know the purpose of your writing first. Keep note of the thoughts that you gathered before writing.
  • Writing is not a cakewalk for many, so it is advisable to first look at the references and have a clear understanding and idea through magazines, other published articles or sources, and write-ups.
  • To make your writing sounds interesting, the first outline your ideas. For a proper direction outlining plays a crucial role. With the help of the outline of your essay, you can come to know the order of your write-up. The writer can create some suspense or narrate the story in an orderly manner.
  • Put all the inputs in one place for an outstanding output. After doing the above steps, your writing will automatically improve to the next level.

How To Use Spatial Orders Effectively?

This pattern is widely used for writing descriptive essays. That is to describe a situation in the best possible way so that readers can visualize the actual scenario. The case is made real by using different senses like smell, touch, sound, and taste to understand better and visualize.

The technique of spatial order can be used in different ways. By following the same techniques, spatial order speech can also be delivered. While in speech, the speaker has to put the details of the place. For instance, if the speaker talks about The Taj mahal, they need to describe the story behind, architect, feel, and many other related things.

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Meaning Of Chronology In Writing

Chronology is necessary to apply almost everywhere while studying or writing something to organize things in a sequence. With the help of the chronology writing style, the users understand the scene in a systematic way with minimum effort. In this form of writing, the series of events is mentioned according to the time of their occurrence.

Different Types Of Chronology

There are no such types of chronology. However, they can be delivered in the following styles:

  • Simple or linear chronology - The writer puts the incidences as they occur in this style.
  • Non-linear chronology - A series of sequential events of a story without particular order.
  • Chronology done in reverse order- This is similar to the normal one but puts scenarios in reverse order as they occur.

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What Is Spatial Order Composition And The Role Of Chronology

To make someone understand your thoughts is not an easy exercise. You have to take care of each aspect carefully. That's why the writers are advised to use the best combination of writing styles to engage the readers. Both the spatial order and chronology writing style have their advantages. Chronological order helps put the storyline in an appropriate order, and on the other hand, spatial order is to do for adequate visualization of the incidences. The audience can understand well when the writing is done by following both techniques.

Things to Remember While Writing Spatial Descriptive Writings

It's always better to do things appropriately. Here are some things to remember while writing:

  • Select the scene you want to showcase to your audience. Don't forget they must relate to your story, then only they will read the whole content.
  • Put them in a proper order in which you want to deliver either from top to bottom or from right to left.
  • To connect all the dots, use spatial order transition words in sentences like further, however, at the same time, etc.

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What Are Spatial Order Signal Words?

The words used at the starting of the sentences to clearly explain the details of the place are known as spatial order signal words. By using such words in the essay writings, the readers can easily create images of the scenes in their minds, giving excellent results. Some words like beneath, behind, above, next to, between, and others like this are suitable examples of spatial order signal words.

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