Everything To Know About Convenience Sampling

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Everything To Know About Convenience Sampling

Researchers always come up with new ideas, techniques and methods. Among all other techniques, convenience sampling is most appropriate; widely used for the collection and analysis of data. In this technique, the collection of data is done by observing various respondents. When it comes to sampling techniques this one is considered economical, uncomplicated and incredibly prompt. For the sample collection, the researcher can easily approach the members or respondents.

Convenience Sample Definition

The definition can be understood by its name itself. The sample is collected from respondents who are convenient for the observation and research. The best part of this sampling approach is that the researchers don't need to follow any particular pattern, and they can get their responses anytime and from anywhere like schools, colleges, workplaces and many more.

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Convenience Sampling Example

We can notice these types of sampling techniques in our day to day life. Look at the following instances:

  • We all have received some pamphlets after coming out from our work station, school or colleges. Sometimes, you might have noticed that in malls or public areas; the companies ask the general public to fill up a small form. These all are techniques for data collection.
  • NGOs collecting data and conducting surveys in schools, colleges for women empowerment.
  • A company wants to run their branches in 15 cities and they have selected those cities based on their targeted customer's location. This is also another type of convenience sample or example.
  • A student wants to know about the scope of digital marketing in the upcoming years, then he or she can simply make the Google form and circulate it through social media to know about others' opinions.

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Why Convenience Sample Technique Is Used?

With the advanced knowledge and skills of researchers; we are familiar with various methods and techniques. However, most of them prefer to make the best use of this method because of its simple use. This method is used when there is no need for some additional or extra inputs for the primary research. The researchers don't need any requirements or criteria to be fulfilled for these types of samples. That's why a large population can be covered by using this technique.

Researchers can easily add elements to these types of samples without any headache.

The sample of convenience can help in the observation of the following:

  • Habits
  • Opinions
  • viewpoints

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Advantages Of Convenience Sampling

Many educators might be wondering about some advantages of using this technique, and we have got your back. Here are some amazing perks of using this technique for sampling and collection of data:

  1. The fastest way to collect large data: All the researchers are behind the bars of time constraints, and to get the best result in minimum time, this technique is the right fit. Large data can be collected with less effort and time.
  2. The minimum cost involved: For collecting data sometimes researchers have to put holes in their pockets, but this is not the case while using the convenience samplings. Many times, they don't have to make any investment in collecting data.
  3. Simplest and easiest: Sample collection becomes the task of snapping figures with this technique. They easily get elements for their research purpose.
  4. No restrictions in terms of rules and regulations: There is no rocket- science involved in sample collection. Easily data can be collected as the researcher don't have to put the right ticks for filtering out their audience or respondents.

We have attached a screenshot that will summarize all the pointers in one go:

Difference Between Random Sampling And Convenience Sampling?

Students and even researchers scratch their heads for getting answers to this question. They are unaware of the thin line between the both. The main difference is listed below:

  • As convenience sampling is based on accessibility, that's why it is a non-probability technique and on the other hand, random sampling is a probability sampling technique.
  • The variables in the convenience sampling are based on accessibility whereas, in the random method of sampling, the researcher uses various techniques like lottery or random number methods.
  • In the case of hypothesis generation or pilot testing, the best fit is the conventional one. On the flip side, random sampling is used in cases where generalizations are required for larger respondents or groups.

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