A Complex Sentence Is Not Tough As It Sounds

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A Complex Sentence Is Not Tough As It Sounds

English is a beautiful language, and its uses are increasing day by day. Like any other language, English comprises various sentences, which are made from selected words. There are many sentences that are included in the subject. All the topmost universities prefer this language to communicate to students and deliver them the best education. Being such a standard language, it's important to have a command. The problem arises for students whose main languages are other than English. They have to clear each fundamental from scratch.

Among several types of sentences in English, complex sentences are widely used. Let's make you introduce with the same. Read this blog till the end to gain enough knowledge and confidence for this concept.

What Is A Complex Sentence?

You must be wondering that the word complex is related to difficult, but it is not as it sounds!

A complex sentence comprises two sentences that are independent and dependent clauses. Now the next question is, what are these clauses?

The name independent is self-explanatory that can stand alone, and on the other hand dependent clause supports the independent one.

Let's understand this with the help of an example:

When the brownie is heated, remove it from the microwave.

In the above example, the independent clause is the 'remove it from the microwave as it can stand alone; it has some meaning. In contrast, 'when the brownie is heated' is an incomplete sentence, so it can't stand alone. That's why it is a dependent clause.

Note: A comma between the sentences can separate the two clauses.

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Explanation By Complex Compound Examples

There is no fast rule that the sentence should start with the dependent or independent clause. It can be in either way. However, you must notify the comma to know the difference between the two more clearly. There is an excellent role of punctuation in compound complex sentences examples as it makes a big difference in sentence structure.

If the independent clause is put first in the sentence, there is no need to put a comma to break down the sentence. But if you are putting a dependent clause first, then there will be a comma to separate the both.

The independent clause includes a subject and verb, and it will have some meaning. For your better understanding taking essay help will be the best option.

Look at the below example:

'The cricket match was cancelled'

The above sentence is self-explanatory, and it can stand alone; however, the reason is not mentioned why the match got cancelled.

The subordinate clause or the dependent one needs some support, and it should be connected with the main clause.

'because the weather was worst.'

When the above clauses are put together, we will get a complex sentence. You can either state any clause first the meaning will remain the same.

The complex sentence will be: The cricket match was cancelled because the weather was worst.

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Difference Between Compound And Complex Sentence

There is a thin difference between the compound-complex sentence definition. Both the sentences look similar when you don't know the entire picture. Let us help you out with the same.

Compound sentences consist of only two independent clauses; there is no dependent clause as complex sentences. To give the sense and meaning of the sentence, both the clauses are connected with the help of conjunctions.

For compound complex sentence examples :

'He danced and she sang'

If we look into this sentence, there is a subject, a verb followed by a conjunction, and a subject and verb.

Both the clauses in the compound sentences are equally important and have the same value to make sense of the sentence.

A student must know the seven main conjunctions to frame the compound sentence. They are as follow:

  • But
  • And
  • For
  • So
  • Nor
  • Or
  • yet

When it comes to complex sentences, both clauses are different and do not have equal importance. Between the sentences, we use the co-coordinating conjunctions to connect them.

For an example of a complex sentence - My brother laughed when I fell down.

In this example, there is an independent clause followed by subordinate conjunction and then the dependent one.

Note: In the above sentence, two clauses are connected with the conjunction 'when,' so we remove the word when they become two independent clauses. That's why you should be well aware of the subordinate conjunctions. Some of the main used conjunctions are because, after, since, and when.

To know more about conjunctions taking assignment help online will be the best decision as it will be robust your grades within the blink of an eye.

Tips And Tricks For Writing Complex Sentences

Writing complex sentences is not so complex when you know about the clauses and their use of conjunctions. Like other tips for writing better sentences, the same applies to complex sentences.

  • While writing your sentences, take care of the commas and other punctuation to separate the clauses.
  • Make the appropriate use of your subordinate conjunctions like because, though, whenever, as long as, wherever and where, and many more like that.
  • Don't forget to use both clauses in a sentence. If you write both independent clauses, it will not be considered a complete sentence.
  • You can also seek the help of a custom assignment writing service to practice framing your sentences effectively and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Complex Sentence

What Is The Difference Between Simple And Compound Sentences?

Simple sentences are like standard sentences, including only one independent clause that can stand alone. They are no more clauses like the compound sentence. However, we can connect two different sentences with the help of conjunctions to form the compound one.

It's all about using the right conjunctions in the right sentences.

What Is The Difference Between Dependent And Independent Clauses?

Both the clauses include a subject and a verb, but still, one is called an independent clause, and the other is the subordinate clause. This is because the dependent clause starts after putting the conjunctions or commas; that's why it can't stand alone.

What Are Subordinate Conjunctions?

The primary use of subordinate conjunctions is to connect two independent clauses. When the conjunction joins two sentences, they become complex conjunctions. There are a lot of subordinate conjunctions that we use in almost every sentence.

English sentences are challenging enough when we dig deep into them. Like subordinate clauses support independent clauses, The Student Helpline can help you with your assignments. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will be there next to you!

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