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Descriptive Essay

How To Write A Good Descriptive Essay? Example, Sample and Topics

A descriptive essay is a bright and expressive style of writing that helps readers to picture out the context, with the use of deep insights and terms. These essays mainly act as the main part of academic writing, as they provide students the chance to improve their writing skills and ability to observe. So, if you are still not clear about what is a descriptive essay? And how to write a descriptive essay? But have no idea to the fullest on this.

Then, you need to go through this article that will guide you to frame excellent descriptive essays that are extremely error-free. It provides you detailed understanding of a descriptive essay with the best descriptive essay examples, samples and even insights on picking the descriptive essay ideas.

What are Descriptive Essays?

Certainly, a best descripted essay, centres on detailed descriptions of people, places, things, or events to provide the readers with a completely complete experience. You can explain descriptive essay by providing an explanation of a single moment or event than narrative essays, which define a story. Thus, the main reason to write a narrative descriptive essay is to give the reader a sense that they are experiencing firsthand the descriptive essay topics.

What is The Descriptive Essay Format?

There is always a certain way to make your essays impressive, so you should follow the right descriptive essay format. It includes the following-

  • Descriptive Essay Introduction- Remember, that all the descriptive essays start with an engaging hook that draws readers in and gives some context on the topic. This is clear to your doubt about how do you start a descriptive essay. In general, this section consists of a catch, an overview, and a thesis statement detailing the primary points of your writing.
  • Descriptive Essay Body- The body paragraphs go into great detail in describing many aspects of the topic. So, every single paragraph focuses on a particular element, with the use of some descriptive essay ideas and sensory elements. This can include descriptive essay topic ideas like vision, sound, taste, smell, and touch to build b mental images.
  • Descriptive Essay Conclusion- Finally, you need to make a good summary for your descriptive essay. So the question of how to write a conclusion for a descriptive essay should not bother you. The Student Helpline writers say that a conclusion should cover a summary of the main ideas addressed in the body paragraphs, along with a fresh interpretation of the thesis statement.

An Example of a Descriptive Essay

Thinking about how to begin a descriptive essay with the right examples? If yes, then just understand that a best narrative descriptive essay should have an essay descriptive example. The Student Helpline experts bring one of the best essay descriptive examples of it

Title- A Day at the Beach

Explanation- In this example of a description essay, the writer claims that the blazing sun, the golden beaches shone, and every grain resembled a small pearl. The coastline was entertained by the turquoise waves that crashed with a rhythm, and hold the cool spray offered a welcome chill from the heat. While they constructed huge sandcastles, the giggles of kids resounded, their happiness as infinite as the horizon. Besides, the subtle smell of sunscreen mixed with the salty sea air. As they flew overhead, seagulls called for a mixed soundscape into the ocean. The sky turned into an array of extremely red and pinks as the rising sun sank below the horizon, lighting the calm, rippling lake with outstanding brightness.

It can be noticed that the smell of algae, earthy and fresh, combines with the stimulating scent of saltwater and only at times, sunblock. The children are laughing as they run and play along the edge of the water, making sand castles and chasing water, and seagulls cry out to one another across the vast ocean. When the day wears on, the sun climbs higher in the sky, engulfing you in its heat like a comforting hug. Beachgoers create colourful spots against the pale beach by setting up umbrellas and laying out towels. While others prefer to cool off in the ocean's wonderful waters, some prefer to recline and enjoy the sun's rays. Every swim provides energy due to the refreshing dichotomy between the chilly water and the heat of the sun.

Besides, a lot is going on at the beach. At outings, families gather and the aroma of freshly made food penetrates the salty sea air. The merchants pass by and offer sweets like ice cream and cool drinks to thrill and refresh. In the distance, the surfer can be seen riding the waves with ability and grace in their moves. There is a thing for everyone, from the active to the relaxed, due to the vast variety of diversions.

Certainly, the beach becomes peaceful when the sun sets, producing lengthy shadows and lighting the sky with pink and orange hues. The final moments of a great day are marked by the chilling air. People start to pack up, looking content and relaxed as the events of the day become embedded in their memories.

So, a day at the beach is more than just a trip to the beach and it is a sensory overload that thrills the body and mind, improves the soul, and offers a pleasant break from the everyday. It provides a reminder of the little joys in life, where beauty and peace may be found in the world of nature for those who seek them out.

A Sample of a Descriptive Essay

When it comes to starting with an essay, a student often thinks about how to write a good descriptive essay with a sample. But nothing to stress about as it is just simple and here is one of the best descriptive essay samples to gain insights on it.

Title- A Serene Evening at the Lakeside

Introduction- Certainly, the lakeside at dusk provides a reprieve from the bustle of everyday life with an oasis of serenity and beauty. The natural world turns into an artwork of peaceful colours and calming vibrations as the sun begins to go down.

The Sunset- In this descriptive essay sample, it is noted that the calm and glass-like surface of the lake mirrors the stunning array of orange, pink, and purple tones in the sky. The final golden rays of the sun move across the lake and create a path of light. The calm charm of the lake is further emphasized by the soft crests, which glisten like an array of small diamonds.

The gentle crests of the lake shimmer like a necklace of tiny diamonds as the sun sets deeper. The sea seems to be decorated with priceless pearls due to the way these little waves reflect the setting light. Thus, the serene appeal of the lake is enhanced by the gradual motion of the water, which gives a rhythm harmony to the visual splendour. The dynamic, constantly evolving masterpiece that fulfils the senses and settles the mind is created by the motion of light and water.

The Surrounding Nature- With their leaves muttering secrets in the soft breeze, the trees encircle the lake like silent sentinels. The earthy perfume of damp soil and the crisp scent of pine permeate the air. Now and then, the distant call of a loon resonates across the water, offering the serene landscape a sorrowful melody. Tall reeds near the shore swing gracefully and are perfectly mirrored in the unmoved water, enhancing the gorgeousness and beauty of the scene.

The verdant banks are lined with walkers and picnickers, whose soft conversation and giggling mix in well with the sound of the natural world. The sensory experiences of the natural environment come together harmoniously, with each aspect adding to the overall feeling of happiness and tranquillity.

Observations and Peace- Indeed, the looming reeds move in line with the shore, and look perfectly mirrored in the silent lake. The air is overflowing with the aroma of wet dirt and fresh pine, that anchors the senses in nature. The sound of small waves gently lapping against the rocks is repeated and soothing.

Lying on a bench under a weeping willow, I am willing to overcome with calm. The ends of her branches simply touch the surface of the lake as they fall towards the water. With its mix of shade and regulated sunlight, the isolated area has the atmosphere of a hideaway. Deep concentration is made possible by the serene surrounding area, and the lake's calm reflects an inner peace that is tough to discover in the daily routine.

Conclusion- In the end, the final call for the peaceful beauty of nature is left beyond with the sun sets. This mainly creates a shining pathway on the calm lake and changes it into an exquisite piece of art of colour.

10 Best Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas

10 Best Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas

Here are 10 best descriptive essay topic ideas for you:

  1. A walk through the busy market
  2. Description Essay: At the Beach at Sunset
  3. Descriptive essay outline onVisiting a Historical Site
  4. A Photographer's Day in the Life of Wildlife
  5. The Allure of Vintage Bookstores
  6. A Night at a Neighborhood Festival description essay
  7. Travelling Through a Thick Forest
  8. The Coffee Shop Environment description essay
  9. A Snowy Winter's Morning in Europe's Small Village

Top 10 Trendy Descriptive Essay Topics for English

The Top 10 latest descriptive essay topics for writing English essays are:

  1. A descriptive essay outline on Day at an Amusement Park
  2. The descriptive essay prompts on Experience of a Music Concert
  3. An Afternoon in a Botanical Garden
  4. The Bustle of an Airport Terminal
  5. A descriptive essay Visit to an Art Museum
  6. Life in a Rural Farming Community
  7. Descriptive essay prompts Rainy Day in the City
  8. The Magic of a Street Food Market
  9. A Day at the Zoo descriptive essay
  10. The Serenity of a Mountain Cabin Retreat

A List of Top 10 History Descriptive Essay Topics

A Short List of 10 history descriptive essay topics for acing the academics:

  1. The Great Wall of China: A Descriptive Essay Outline on its Construction
  2. The narrative and descriptive essay about Renaissance's Cultural Significance
  3. The Industrial Revolution's Effects
  4. Christopher Columbus: Descriptive Essay on his New World Discoveries
  5. The American Civil War's Events Narrative descriptive essay
  6. Ancient Egyptian Civilization's Impact
  7. The narrative and descriptive essay on the Viking Era and Its Discoveries
  8. The descriptive essay prompts for Impact of the French Revolution
  9. Descriptive Essay on the Evolution of Hellenistic Democracy
  10. The Silk Road's Historical Significance: Its descriptive essay prompts


To conclude, writing a descriptive essay is an effective way to make your topic come alive for the reader. You can ensure that your narratives resonate and make an impact by stressing sensory details and generating a sharp and realistic experience. So, while you define the descriptive essay on a topic, never forget to use a solid plan, an appealing theme, and a variety of literary tools to improve your narrative descriptive essay. You can become an expert writer of descriptive essays with effort and creativity.

Writing a Descriptive Essay Seems to Be Hard? Get Insights from Us

Does writing a descriptive essay appear to be daunting? Worry not! The Student Helpline experts have got your back. You just need to explore effective insights to get the right direction and clarity. Learn the art of using words from us to create vibrant landscapes and wrap readers in interesting scenarios. Additionally, know the tricks of research by losing yourself in instances, noises, and emotions to make rich brain landscapes. Hence, The Student Helpline provides your assistance with:

  • Descriptive essay samples writing
  • Help with all descriptive essay questions and answers
  • Literature reviews for descriptive essay
  • Descriptive essay outline generation
  • Assistance With Thesis for descriptive essay
  • Descriptive Essay Editing Services
  • Descriptive Essay Topics Selection

FAQs About Descriptive Essay

What is a Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive essays use complete sensory labels to effectively illustrate a subject, capturing the emotions and senses of readers. Thus, the main goal is to engage the readers in the lesson by creating an accurate representation of a person, place, thing, or event.

How to Start a Descriptive Essay on Places?

You can simply start a descriptive essay about a place with an interesting introduction, with some background information about the theme, then explain the primary idea. Finally, you should smoothly move into detailed physical descriptions that completely immerse readers in the spirit and feel of the location.

How do I Write a Descriptive Essay?

Are you thinking about how can i write a descriptive essay? Then, note that a descriptive essay includes a paragraph that adds to the overall image. Additionally, you can use b sensual factors, logically arrange the factors, and start with a clear descriptive essay thesis. To conclude, write the key ideas to leave an eternal mark on the reader before finishing.

How do you Write a Descriptive Essay Sample Properly?

A good descriptive essay sample should reflect to the proper subject, a structured structure, and rich subjective elements. It should give a real-life example to the readers to connect with what you are trying to convey with your work. 

How to Make a Descriptive Essay Outline?

It is impossible to frame good content without making an excellent outline for descriptive essay. Recall that it should include the following-

  • The thesis statement in the introduction
  • Body sections arranged with answers to all the descriptive essay questions
  • Examples of descriptive essays like descriptive essay about person examples, persons, etc with full explanations and proof them
  • A conclusion that highlights important points

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Descriptive Essay?

For writing a descriptive essay thesis statement, you Write a short argument that sums up the main pointers of your descriptive essay and its related concepts. It must provide the reader with an accurate understanding of the descriptive essay topics and the particular elements. However, The Student Helpline experts can do that for you with assured impressive thesis statements.

How to Conclude a Descriptive Essay Effectively?

Want to know how to end a descriptive essay? The Student Helpline answers this. Our experts say that a descriptive essay should effectively end with a summary of the main ideas, an original rendering of the thesis, and an indelible mark on the reader. Additionally, steer clear of introducing new details and try to express a sense of end while repeating the main idea of your essay.

Can a Descriptive Essay Be a Story?

Yes, of course, you can frame it as a story! Your descriptive essay should blend some storytelling parts with b tactile descriptions of descriptive essay writing topics. So, this may look like a narrative and it pulls readers in while clearly describing factors and, enhancing the immersive experience.

How long is a Descriptive Essay?

Indeed, there is no fixed for writing a descriptive essay and it might vary depending on the assignment requirements and the university guidelines. Yet it normally has a range of 800 to 1500 words to properly draw in readers within the allotted word count, focusing on developing connecting descriptions.

How to Write an Error-free descriptive essay?

Quality work is a priority and you will surely think about how to start descriptive essay and end it without any errors. Know that you can easily write an excellent essay with the help of The Student Helpline experts. Our writers suggest some of the finest tips that include- good grammar, right punctuation, and no spelling mistakes to ensure writing a descriptive essay free from errors.

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