What Is A Synthesis Essay

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What Is A Synthesis Essay

It is a kind of essay which accumulates information from multiple sources to form an idea or argumentative thesis. For writing the synthesis essays, authors need to refer to multiple sources of information to write synthesis essays.

Higher secondary or college students need to write synthesis essays during the academic sessions. Writers need some questions which guide him/her to write a synthesis essay and writers can add their opinion as well but they need some outer data to support their opinion.

How Can Students Write A Synthesis Essay?

Every great synthesis essay gives the readers multiple data, ideas and information to describe the larger concept. Students can follow this pathway to draft their synthesis essay.

Choose favourite topic: Think about some interesting ideas and give priority to those themes and subjects which interests you.

Conduct some research: Students can start research after choosing the research topic. It can be done through getting the information from various sources like social media, library, journals and other sources of information like research papers, scientific journals to develop real ideas. Students should only use the authentic sources of information which must be unbiased.

Framing of the ideas: The focus of the entire essay should be aimed to explain the stance of the chosen topic. Relate your sources of information to the chosen topic.

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What Is The Structure Of A Synthesis Essay?

Students can frame the structure of a synthesis essay by adhering to some points as the synthesis essay requires some set pattern of structuring.

  • Synthesis essay outline: In this section, there are some points which are a significant part of outline like introduction, attention seeking thesis statements, body paragraphs and conclusion.
  • Introduction: Fundamental ideas have to be mentioned in the introduction of the synthesis essay writing, you should write only those ideas which are related to the topic. You need to provide an argument through a thesis statement and should be written at the end of the introductory paragraph.
  • Main Body: Primarily, it is written in three paragraphs long. First two paragraphs are used as supporting argument and the last paragraph is used as an opposing statement.
  • Synthesis conclusion: It restates the argument which you have written in the synthesis essay. It gives the reason as to how you found the sources of information.
  • Bibliography: In this section, you need to write about the writing style used like APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago. It is important to mention as it provides authenticity to your synthesis essay writing.

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What Are The Types Of Synthesis Essays?

Basically, synthesis essays are categorised into two parts.

1- Explanatory synthesis: It is applied to categorised evidence into some logical parts. It is objective in nature.

2- Argumentative synthesis: It gives an opinion that is based on some evidence.

What Is An Example Of A Synthesis Essay?

Synthesis essay example is used to understand the application of synthesis essay. Following is an example of a synthesis statement.

Social media and mobile phones are not responsible for destroying the generation'.

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What Are The Tips For Writing A Good Synthesis Essay?

For writing the best synthesis essay, students should understand the basic purpose of the chosen topic and argument of the writers.

  • Students are recommended to avoid the title as essay on synthesis or synthesis essay, find a relevant title of the essay.
  • Usage of impressive words.
  • Usage of correct sentence forming, punctuation and grammatical error.
  • Avoid plagiarism in synthesis essay writing because it can waste your time, energy and effort.
  • Cite all the sources of information properly in synthesis essay writing.
  • Students should not write more sentences in a passive voice.
  • Try to address your readers in synthesis essay writing.
  • Proper transition of paragraphs should be written in essay writing.

What Are The Synthesis Essay Topics?

Most students find difficulty in choosing a topic so here are some insights on synthesis essay topic.

  • How Facebook is building social structure?
  • How can social media be helpful in children's education?
  • How the internet is threatening the financial security of the people.
  • How can YouTube affect people's shopping habits?
  • How much of the internet is responsible for wasting the time of youth?
  • How can dress code affect academic performance?
  • Why should education be free to all?
  • How is the impact of global warming?
  • How is western lifestyle affecting global warming?
  • Do we stop the usage of fossil fuels?
  • What is the impact of artificial intelligence?
  • What is the importance of the right to vote?
  • Why is the right to life and liberty not suspended during an emergency?
  • What is the importance of insurance?
  • Why is the importance of history?
  • Is graffiti an art?
  • Why should students not be scolded in schools?

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What Are Synthesis Essay Rubrics?

Rubrics are the parameter one has to perform an assignment. There are some important topics which are basic rubrics for synthesis essay writing.

  • It gives enough ideas about sources.
  • The Writer's argument should be convincing in a synthesis essay.
  • Synthesis essay should not have any grammatical errors.
  • The Writer's argument is well developed or not.

What Are The Most Used Formats For Writing Synthesis Essays?

Writing format is selected by the instruction of your professor and teacher. Basically APA, Harvard and MLA are used for synthesis essay writing.

MLA Format: Font should be times new roman. Font size should be 12 points with double spacing. Titles should be aligned in the centre. Your header should contain your name, teacher's name, course no. and date.

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