What Is The Rectangular Prism

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What Is The Rectangular Prism

It is a polyhedron with two congruent and parallel bases and it is also known as a cuboid in geometry. There are six faces in a rectangular prism and all the rectangle shape's faces have twelve ages. Because it has a cross-section at the end of it so it is known as the prism.

Definition of Rectangular Prism in other words, basically, these are the polyhedron with two congruent known as cuboids. Because of its cross-section, it is known as the prism-like triangle and rectangle and the surface area of the prism is considered equivalent to the net area.

What Are The Rectangular Prism Properties?

A rectangular prism has six faces and three-dimensional shapes like geometry boxes and rooms. Following are some properties of a rectangular prism.

  • In a rectangular prism, there are twelve edges, 8 vertices, and 6 faces.
  • The top and bottom of the rectangular prism would always be rectangles.
  • All the rectangular prisms have three dimensions like length, width, and height.
  • All the pairs of rectangular prism would be opposite and identical.
  • Every rectangular prism would have a cross-section.
  • The rectangular prism looks like a cuboid.
  • Every right rectangular prism would have a lateral face rectangle.

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What Is The Rectangular Prism Surface Area?

It is a concept used in Geometry that has three-dimensional figures with six-sided which is like our pencil geometry box. The surface of rectangular prism is the outside area of a rectangular prism.

Let us try to understand the surface area of a rectangular prism.

  • Every rectangular prism has height, width, and length.
  • For covering the whole area, you have to paint all the surfaces of the rectangle.
  • First of all, multiply the width by length and make it double, this is how one can get top and bottom of the rectangular prism. The result you found, subtracting from the entire surface area will result in prism surface area. Now you have to add width and length together and make it double.

What Is The Volume Of Rectangular Prism?

It is the total area of the inside of the rectangular prism. Let's have an example; there is a water bottle that is filled up with water so all that inner area filled up with water is known as the volume of the bottle. All the prisms are categorized on the basis of the shape of their base. It is structured in a three-dimensional shape. Basically, it has 6 faces, and all of the faces would be rectangular.

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What Are The Differences Between Cubes & Rectangular Prisms?

There are some basic differences between cube and rectangular prism:


  • All the cubes would have a square shape.
  • All the faces of the cube would have equal dimensions.
  • All the opposite edges would be parallel to each other.
  • It would have three faces and three edges.
  • It is also a three-dimensional structure.
  • It is a hexahedron structure.
  • Sometimes, it is also known as cubic.
  • A cube is also known as a block.

Rubrics cube is the perfect example of cube which is the most useful thing for brain exercise and dice is also the best example of the cube. A cube is known as a platonic solid structure. A cube is called a square prism in some special cases.

Rectangular Prism:

  • The top and bottom of the rectangular prism would always be rectangles.
  • All the pairs of opposite faces would always be identical.
  • It also has three dimensions like cuboid which are width, length, and height.
  • It would be cross-section on all the sides.
  • It is a very solid shape with a flat face.
  • It would always have two identical ends.
  • It always creates a triangle so-called triangular prism.
  • It would not have any curve anywhere.
  • The face of the rectangular prism would be lateral.

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What Are The Various Types Of Prisms In Geometry?

In geometry, basically, there are three types of prism considered which are following.

  • Oblique Prism: In this kind of prism, all the angles of the prism would not be right always. The size would always be in a slanting position and will take the shape of a parallelogram.
  • Regular Prism: All the faces would be congruent in nature.
  • Right Prism: Both the faces would always be rectangular and both the side of the prism would have a 90-degree angle and its face would make a parallelogram. And its face would make a parallelogram.
  • All the sizes would be equal.

Prism can also categorized by the nature.

  • Rectangular prism
  • Pentagonal Prism
  • Hexagonal prism
  • Triangular Prism

What Is The Use Of Prism?

Mostly prism is used in some engineering tasks which is basically the part of geometry, that is helpful in curving out the structure of building, that means we can say that this is the more often used in civil engineering as well as in architecture engineering. Rectangular prism was created in ancient times to enhance the growth of their trade and commerce.

How To Understand The Volume Of Rectangular Prism?

For calculating the rectangular prism, first of all, we see the area of lateral faces which is multiplied by each other. If your prism is hexagonal then you need to share the six faces of the hexagonal prism. For quick results, you can use only the three numbers to find the result of the volume.

The first thing which we get from the rectangular prism is that they have five lateral faces instead of six which there will be only two sets of calculations so to find the volume of the prism we only need to calculate half the number of the prism faces. Next simplification is easier because we divide the faces of rectangular in thirds to find a more quick result

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