What Is The Format of Writing An Article

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What Is The Format of Writing An Article

Writing an article is not a cakewalk as it requires in-depth analysis before writing, however, it can be written on any topic, theme, and subject. The heading of the article should not be written too lengthy. It must be written within 6 to 7 words. The title of an article should be catchy and interesting. Students can have a look at the following format of article writing.

  • Target audience: First understand the target audience for whom you need to write an article. The tone of the article should be as per the audience's taste and interest.
  • Choosing the right topic is also one of the most important aspects of article writing.
  • The headings of the article should be chosen wisely. They must be eye catchy.
  • Research on the topic: Writers need to write their topics as per the demand of the articles. Research is the main activity of writing an article because it will decide the quality and authority of the research. For writing a good article, one must research well to find the actual concepts and data.
  • Start writing the article: writers need to just start writing their article because most people hesitate in starting their article writing, hence they do not get enough grip on the article writing.
  • Proofread the article: Writers need to check the sentence structuring of the article writing and check deeply the grammatical errors and coherence among the paragraphs.
  • Students need to write well-crafted articles so that they can have the attention of the readers.
  • Writers should always include some images and infographics in their articles.

What Are The Best Topics For Writing Articles?

A writer requires critical as well as analytical understanding to write a unique article. However, most article writers or students get confused when they need to choose the right topic for the article writing. For writing a good article, students need to write their article coherently and transformation of ideas should be written in proper manner. Following are the ideas for article writing topics.

  • Article on bonded labor.
  • Article on child labor.
  • Article on cooperative federalism.
  • Article on global politics.
  • Article on international relations.
  • Article on covid-19 disease.
  • Article on chicken pox.
  • Article on wild animals.
  • Article on life philosophy.
  • Article on the mortality rate of the world.
  • Article on feminism.
  • Article on economic policy.
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What Are The Interesting Topics For Articles For Students?

Although students need to write some good articles in their schools and colleges. Students need to research well before writing an article because a well-written article is something written on the basis of concepts and facts. Writers should take care of grammatical issues like punctuation, sentence structuring, and coherence in the article. Following are some ideas to write interesting topics for the article.

  • Facebook should be banned!
  • How social media is affecting the youth?
  • How can technology affect one's life?
  • Impact of technology in changing the world.
  • Impact of globalization on human life.
  • How can plastic impact human health?
  • Impact of tobacco on human health.
  • Free education to all.
  • Impact of national income on the country.
  • Impact of population on urbanization.
  • Online games are harmful to students.
  • Importance of republic day for the people.
  • Article on international terrorism.

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What Are The Tips For Writing A Good Article?

Most students need to write an article in their schools and colleges but they do not know the appropriate strategy to write an article. Following are some important tips for article and Assignment writing.

  • First of all, students need to collect all the ideas related to the article.
  • Research on the topic.
  • Write all the ideas and information directly in the article writing.
  • Always try to write your ideas in bullet points.

What Are The Probable Mistakes In article writing?

Most writers do not follow all the rules and instructions while writing an article. Following are the few most probable mistakes committed by the students.

  • Many students do not use facts and figures in their articles.
  • Use of tough diction in the article.
  • Being highly formal in the article.
  • Use of ambiguous terminology in the article writing.
  • Most students do not write a catchy title in the article.
  • Writing others' ideas is one of the big mistakes in article writing.

What Is The Importance Of Article Writing?

A good article can change one's life, as all the things which are happening in the world are backed by some good content whether it is video creation or anything else. In order to create anything in the world, we must write those things first on paper so that it can be organized and presentable. Following are the points which tell us the importance of article writing.

  • A good article can engage the readers to keep reading the article.
  • It can be helpful in building the relationship between you and your writers.
  • A well-written article can be enhancing the SEO ranking of any website.
  • Article writing can enhance the knowledge of writers drastically in a subject.
  • Article writing gives you an opportunity to know multiple subjects and topics.
  • It increases your presence in the online community which is helpful in the long term.
  • Article writing helps one in improving the language as well.

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