What Is The Assimilation Policy

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What Is The Assimilation Policy

Assimilation policy always tries to make a country culturally uniform means immigrants are forced to leave their own culture and pressured to adopt native culture and try to avoid cultural diversity.

Australia is considered as the assimilationist county as this country has implemented the assimilation policy on the immigrants to save their country from foreign culture dominance. Multiculturalism is considered against the uniform culture that is why immigrants in Australia are not able to save their culture. Moreover, the white people of Australia are being considered at an endangered stage, hence the government of Australia has become conscious against the immigrants.

What Is The Australian Assimilation Policy?

Australian assimilation policy is considered as the protectionist policy to save the culture, language, religion of local people of Australia and trying to assimilate the white people of Australia who are supposed to be migrants of foreign countries but the government of Australia is trying to save their indigenous culture, hence it is not taking care of those people who have migrated from several other countries. There are various reasons behind the formulation of assimilation policy in Australia.

  • Many battles were fought in Australia regarding the resources like land, food and water, as a result, racism created in Australia and many native people were kidnapped for labour work, all this happened just because of white European people who were migrants in Australia but they were dominating to the local people, hence the assimilation policy came in the picture.
  • Non-native people captured all the source of finance, as a result local Australian people got financially sick because they were not left with any financial resources.
  • In the name of protectionism the local people were completely controlled by the white people because they got control over the administration of Australia.
  • Even the indigenous people were not allowed to marry as per their will.
  • Most Indigenous children were segregated from their families so that they could not develop socially means they were being controlled by the while Australians because it was a well proved plan made by the white Australians against the indigenous Australians.

What Does Assimilation Aboriginal Mean?

Assimilation abnormal means collaboration of cultures means the culture of indigenous people and white people both collapsed. Assimilation of primitive people of Australia is the result of British colonialism. Because of colonialism the indigenous people of Australia became completely unstable because their resources, rights and everything got captured by white European people. White people who were immigrants in Australia were making fools of the local people of Australia in the name of protection as the indigenous people of Australia were not so educated so, they were not able to understand the criticality of administration of Australia. Integration of cultural contact was not acceptable because these people were not aware of each other. Assimilation of culture was related to the politics of Australia because the Australian government did not want to give leverage to immigrants over the native people. The process of merging people known as assimilation aboriginal as white people of Europe and native Australians both were being framed on the same line to make the country as one culture, one language and one religion country.

How White Australia Policy Aboriginal Affect The People Of Australia?

Aboriginal people of Australia are living in there since 39 to 40 thousand years but after British colonisation over the world and Australia, most native people of Australia face several challenges but with the passage of time they also got mixed up with European white settlers but due to dominance of Europeans in Australian politics, the presence of native Australians in Australian politics got hampered, as a result, the role of native Australians in Australian political affairs drastically decreased, that is why, the British colony in Australia became stronger as they made several policies to control the native people and as a result they made Australian Assimilation policy so that they can completely destroy the native Australians culture.

How Aboriginal Government Policies Impacted The Native Australians?

These policies were made for aboriginal people of Australia as these people were completely under the control of European white settlers who were the immigrants who came from European colonial countries like Britain, France and many more countries. The impact of the foreign powers in Australia can be seen on native Australians by their policies specially made for the native Australians.

  • Making separate rules of education for native Australians as they cannot take education with white European settlers in any school in Australia so that they cannot come into the mainstream of education; hence this was also a policy to destroy the aboriginal Australian.
  • Aboriginal Australians were also controlled by imposing the curfew in their living areas so that they could not meet with European society, so it indicates that the European rulers did not want any development, they just tried to dissolve them.
  • The native Australians have also faced food shortages just because they were native Australians and were not in administrative positions.
  • Aboriginal people of Australia were not given any kind of social security like no voting rights, no right to property, right to speech and expression; hence they were living as bonded labour in Australia.
  • Native Australians were paid very less as compared to Europeans which is also enough to understand that the Europeans were forcing out the native Australians from society.
  • Native Australians were not allowed to enter in Europeans living areas as they wanted to destroy the aboriginal Australians.

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