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Nursing Research

What is Nursing Research? Definition, Types, and Examples

Nursing research is considered the catalyst of healthcare evolution. It is the driving force behind tomorrow's frontiers. Nursing research is important in reshaping global health policies and creating a better tomorrow with compassionate care for all. The researchers are unsung heroes who are creating a better world for everyone to live in with improved healthcare. They dive deep into clinical practices and resolve complex healthcare problems.

Nursing research focuses on important facets of healthcare delivery. Clinical nursing research involves direct client care to general research on nursing, the area is essential for the generation of knowledge and practice.

Take your chance to find out more about different types, examples, and the importance of nursing research. To know more and seek help, visit The Student Helpline. Lets journey into the fascinating field where knowledge meets compassion and leads to life-changing healthcare changes.

Understanding Nursing Research In Simple Language?

Definition of Nursing Research: Nursing research is the scientific investigation of the delivery. It is the organization of health care to enhance the quality of care given to patients.

The Nursing Institute of Nursing Research contributes to improving clinical practices, creating new treatments, and shaping healthcare policies. This research focuses on building knowledge and improving healthcare standards. Hence, the global significance of nursing research is growing tremendously.

Explanation of Nursing Research Types

The division of nurse research is divided into three types. It is important to comprehend all these parts and enable a greater understanding of the field.

  1. Quantitative Nursing Research: It is conducted by a nursing research institute and it involves the use of numbers and statistics to measure the connection, result, or phenomenon in a health facility.
  2. Qualitative Nursing Research: Interviews or observations of experiences, perceptions, and behaviors offer rich data on patient care and nursing practice. This is important in the context of qualitative vs quantitative nursing research.
  3. Mixed-Methods Research: Incorporates both qualitative and quantitative research in nursing, providing a holistic view by supplementing numerical analysis with patient and clinician interviews.

How To Write A Nursing Research Proposal?

Writing a research paper for the nursing research institute covers information on all aspects. The procedure for writing the research paper is simplified in sequential order. Lets get started with writing an effective research proposal in a few steps:

  1. Nursing research topics should be chosen based on the current issues or lack of knowledge in the field.
  2. Conduct a literature review to gain insight into the history and development of the selected topic.
  3. Formulate measurable nursing research questions to inform your work.
  4. It is important to define the purpose of your research and what you want to achieve.
  5. Explain the approach used in the study in terms of sample, data collection techniques, and analysis.
  6. Discuss the importance of nursing research and how your proposed research will make a difference.
  7. Develop a timeline for each phase of the research process.
  8. This should also incorporate a breakdown of the resources required to accomplish the research work.
  9. Ensure that all the literature and previous studies cited are appropriately cited.
  10. Be concise with your words and write credible information.

List of Nursing Research Examples

Once you get to know how to write an extraordinary research proposal, you can get started with research examples. The examples of nursing research topics are given below. Let us help you to finalize your research topic with examples:

Examples of Quantitative Nursing Research

  • Research on the relationship between the number of nurses and patient mortality rates.
  • A study on the efficacy of a new drug in lowering blood pressure among elderly patients.
  • The epidemiology of the hospital-acquired infection in the intensive care units.
  • Cross-sectional study on patient satisfaction with nursing care in a hospital setting.
  • Research on the effects of nurse staffing on the quality of care in emergency departments.
  • Analysis of the correlation between the level of education of the nurses and the rate of recovery of the patients.
  • Research on the economic feasibility of telemedicine in rural health centers.
  • A study on the effectiveness of a new wound care protocol in reducing infection rates.

Examples of Quantitative Nursing Research

  • A qualitative study of the caregivers of Alzheimers patients.
  • Research on the effects of end-of-life care on hospice nurses.
  • A study on the views of the healthcare providers on patient safety culture.
  • Exploration of the adaptation mechanisms employed by nurses in stressful situations.
  • Exploring the chemotherapy treatments received by patients.
  • A critical review of the communication challenges that exist between nurses and patients who speak a different language.
  • Research on the cultural factors that affect maternal health care choices.
  • Discussion on the difficulties that nurses encounter while dealing with chronic pain patients.

Qualitative Vs Quantitative In Nursing Research

The table furnished below presents the difference between qualitative and quantitative nursing research.


Qualitative Nursing Research

Quantitative Nursing Research


Inductive, Explanatory

Deductive, Confirmatory


Understand a phenomenon

Establish Causal Relationships


Narrative, Descriptive

Numerical, Statistical


Small, Purposive

Large, Random


Interview, Focus Groups, Observation

Experiments, Surveys


Interpretive, Thematic

Statistical, Hypothesis Testing


Grounded theory, Ethnography

Randomised controlled trails

Nursing Research Questions For Students

In nursing research, there are lots of queries that a student may need to address. Here are the five top questions whose answers should be covered in the research.

  • What interventions can be implemented to enhance hand hygiene compliance among nurses?
  • What is the effect of a nurse-led discharge planning program on patient satisfaction and readmission rates?
  • What hinders the interaction between nurses and patients with LEP?
  • What is the impact of simulation-based training on the level of confidence and competency of nursing students in handling emergencies?
  • How does the number of nurses affect the patient outcomes in Intensive Care Units?

What is a Nursing Research Proposal?

The nursing research proposal is a comprehensive document containing a description of a research study in the area of nursing. It usually comprises an introduction, a literature survey, a methodological approach, and expected findings. The proposal is intended to persuade the reviewer and will advance the knowledge in the field of nursing. To write a good nursing research proposal, it is important to check the nursing research proposal sample

Nursing Research Paper Format For Masters Students

It is important to write the nursing research proposal by following the format in a given sequential order. Students can check the format and follow it accordingly.

  1. Title page: Covers Nursing Research Proposal title and the name of the researcher and affiliation.
  2. Abstract: Write a summary of the research in 150 to 300 words
  3. Introduction: Write the significance and background of the research problem and Study rationale and objectives.
  4. Literature review: Brief information of relevant literature
  5. Ethical Consideration: write steps for providing confidentiality in the nursing research
  6. Timeline and Budget: Write detailed timeline and budget
  7. Dissemination and Utilisation plans: Research findings plan and their implication in nursing research.
  8. References: List all the sources cited

Examples of Nursing Research Proposal Topics

To write an extraordinary proposal, students are provided with the nursing research proposal example listed below. Now, they can glance over the topics and start writing for a specific one.

  • A Study on the Impact of a Nurse-Led Discharge Planning Program in Reducing Hospital Readmissions
  • Understanding the Challenges to Interprofessional Communication between Nurses and Patients with LEP
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Simulation-Based Training on Confidence and Competency of Nursing Students in Managing Emergent Situations
  • Nurse-Led Pain Management Protocol to Enhance Patient Satisfaction and Pain Rating in a Surgical Ward
  • Exploring Nurses Knowledge and Attitudes towards End-of-Life Care in LTC Homes
  • Towards understanding the best practices for enhancing hand hygiene adherence among nurses to prevent HAIs

Why Do We Need Nursing Research?

The importance of nursing research can be comprehended from the points given below. In research, these points guide in writing a good nursing research proposal.

  • Improves the health care practices and patients care through the nursing research
  • Informs healthcare policies and enhances nursing.
  • Enhances knowledge of nursing theories and application.
  • Solves healthcare problems and increases effectiveness.
  • Encourages the growth of knowledge and skill development of the nurses.

Best Nursing Research Topics

Best Nursing Research Topics

The nursing research topics listed below provide a brief introduction to understanding the research.

  • Nurse-led discharge planning programs and their impact on patient satisfaction and readmission rates
  • Effects of simulation on the confidence and competence of nursing students in managing critical situations
  • Challenges to nurse-patient communication with patients who have LEP
  • Nurse-led pain management and its impact on the level of satisfaction and pain intensity in surgical wards
  • End-of-life care as perceived by nurses working in long-term care facilities
  • Nursing: Strategies for enhancing hand hygiene practices to prevent HAIs
  • Nurse-led diabetes education programs in enhancing patient outcomes among patients with Type II Diabetes

List of Student Nursing Research Topics

Students can check the student nursing research topics and then write on them accordingly.

  • Challenges to the communication between nurses and non-English-speaking patients.
  • Nursing students attitudes towards telehealth in primary care environments.
  • Undergraduate nursing students career decision making.
  • Effects of peer mentoring on the academic achievement and enrollment of students in the nursing program.
  • Perceptions of nursing students towards evidence-based practice in the clinical area.
  • Ethical issues experienced by nursing students during clinical practice.
  • Virtual reality technology in nursing education
  • Cultural competence in nursing: perception of nursing students.

Tips To Write a Nursing Research Paper

While writing the nursing research proposal and paper, there are a few points that students need to bear in mind. It will make the research more appealing and full of information.

  • Choose a nursing research topic that is relevant to the current issues in nursing.
  • To give context and justification for research, consult previous nursing research done in the field.
  • Organize your paper into sections that include an introduction, method, result, discussion, and conclusion.
  • Make sure your arguments are backed up by reliable sources and evidence.
  • Ensure that citation style, references, and formatting are done in APA style.
  • Proofread the research to ensure that all the ideas are well presented, logically connected, and free from errors.

Write Nursing Research Proposal- The Conclusion

In conclusion, this nursing research proposal focuses on improving patient care. This research intends to use a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research methods to come up with. The results will be useful for the development of best practices in the field and for patients and healthcare workers. Students can ask for further assistance in writing effective research proposals and research processes by contacting The Student Helpline.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Nursing Research

What Is Nursing Research Definition?

Nursing Research is a structured research of the nursing phenomenon which is aspired to improvise the care of patients. This research comprises clinical nursing research and other nursing research topics. Students looking for individualised assistance can contact The Student Helpline and get 24/7 assistance.

Why Is Nursing Research Important?

Importance of nursing research can be analysed through healthcare, facilitation of patients' results and work on proofs. The significance of nursing research is essential for the practices of clinics. For more guidance, The Students Helpline experts are there to assist in writing the best research paper.

What Is Quantitative Nursing Research?

Quantitative nursing research comprises presenting the collection of data and statistically analysing them. Then this data is improved in order to improvise the nursing practices. It is an important component in nursing research. For support in writing proposal contact The Student Helpline and approach the professionals

How To Do Nursing Research?

In order to сonԁuсt nursing reseаrсh, iԁentify а toрiс, review existing literаture, formulаte nursing reseаrсh questions, аnԁ follow the reseаrсh рroсess. For сomрrehensive helр, exрlore The Stuԁent Helрline

How To Write A Nursing Research Paper?

While writing a nursing research paper involves choosing the nursing research topics and then doing research on it. After that, the results are presented clearly on the reports. The given data can be analysed by the experts of The Student Helpline.

How To Write A Nursing Research Question?

Students writing nursing research paper questions are required to study the specific nursing problem. They can also write questions about the knowledge they find missing in nursing research. The highly qualified experts of The Student Helpline are available to assist the students in writing questions.

What Is Sampling Theory In Research?

Sampling theory in nursing research provides the methods for choosing the samples to ensure appropriate results. It is important to understand the sampling theory for crucial nursing research. For more assistance The Student Helpline.

What Is Quantitative Nursing Research?

Quantitative nursing research uses numerical data and statistical methods to measure and analyse healthcare phenomena. It aims to quantify relationships, outcomes, and trends in nursing practice. For expert guidance on understanding quantitative research in nursing, visit The Student Helpline.

What Is The Process Of Nursing Research?

The nursing research format process includes identifying a problem, reviewing literature, designing a study, collecting data, analysing results, and disseminating findings. For step-by-step guidance, explore The Student Helpline.

Why Is Nursing Research So Important?

Nursing research is vital for developing evidence-based practices, improving patient care. It also facilitates healthcare policies. Understanding its significance ensures better clinical outcomes. For more insights, visit The Student Helpline.

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