What Is Racial Profiling Essay

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What Is Racial Profiling Essay

Racial profiling is kind of discriminatory practice which is done by the law enforcement agencies on the basis of caste, creed, religion and national origin. Racial profiling is also practiced by most police personnel for instance, there are two bikers going on the road, the first one is black and the second one is white in skin colour and both are without helmet, if the police personnel is black, he will leave the black rider and if the police personnel is white, would leave the white ones. This is how; they discriminate among the people on the basis of their colour, creed and caste in the society. Basically, racial profiling essays are written by the students in the in the universities and colleges.

What Is Police Racial Profiling Essay?

Police racial profiling is a discriminatory activity sometimes practiced by some policemen on the basis of people religion, race and creed. These practices have been implemented by many police personnel in many countries which are against the laws and regulations of any country. Racial profiling is mostly seen in low income or developing countries. Constitution and other laws do not support these practices as there is no provision of any such practice in the constitution.

History has various evidences with respect to racial profiling as there have numerous incidents taken place in the past which tell us the story of struggle between society and police forces just because of unacceptable communities, religion and caste in the society. These societies and communities were not from the same community and creed the government was following at that time. Now these topics have become the most debated topics of discussions in the universities and colleges among the students and they are given essay assignments on these topics.

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What Is Racial Profiling Argumentative Essay?

Racial profiling argumentative essays are written by the university and college students. These argumentative essays are written on the basis of facts; hence every argument should be supported by factual data. These argumentative essays require strong thesis statement in the essay so that writer can present his or her point of views clearly.

What Are The Racial Profiling Essay Topics?

Students who are perusing their graduation from any university or college need to write an essay but most students feel trouble when they need to choose a topic for essay on racial profiling. Following are the topics which will give an idea about the racial profiling essay topics.

  • Racial profiling in judiciary,
  • Positive and negative aspects of racial profiling,
  • What is the controversy in racial profiling?
  • What is the base of racial profiling in the constitution,
  • What is the impact of racial profiling,
  • What is the impact of racial profiling in the society?

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How To Write Racial Profiling Essay?

Racial profile is a severe issue practiced by many police personnel and other legal professionals on the basis caste, creed, ethnicity, race, caste and religion which is discriminatory because it does not have any legal provision in the constitution as well as laws. Following are points or format used to write racial profiling essays.

  • Racial profiling essay outline: Whatever the topic one has chosen to write on should draft an outline in which you can make introduction, main body and conclusion.
  • Racial profiling essay introduction: For writing a good introduction of the essay, you need to start it with a hook statement which will make the easy more engaging and reader will keep on reading the essay. Your thesis statements should be strong so that it looks like engaging to the readers.
  • Main body of the essay: In this part of the essay, students need write main information of the essay. All the positives and negatives aspects of the essay should be included in this part of the essay.
  • Racial profiling essay conclusion: In this part of essay you need to summarise the whole main idea of the essay.

Racial profiling essay examples: Let us understand racial profiling concept with the help of an example.

Racial identity came in the society to promote the African youth in race related challenges. All the studies tell us that the race related issues have impacted the mental condition of the African people.

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Why Should We Take Seriously The Racial Profiling?

The date we will start controlling the racial profiling issues from the society that means we are moving the next step closer towards the democracy in which the law of the land constitution rules because racial profiling is just opposite to the rules and regulations as suspect is captured on the basis of their religion, caste, creed and ethnicity. It is completely against the relationship between law agencies and social community. As racial profiling is mostly practiced by police forces and they are supposed to the protector of society that is why they need to follow all the rules and regulations. This is how we found that our law enforcement agencies do not follow all the rules and regulations. Following are the points which all the law enforcement agencies should take care of.

  • Race, caste, creed and ethnicity should not be the foundation of decision making of the officers.
  • Governments should frame some policies against these activities practiced by police personals and law enforcement agencies.
  • Preconceived notion to stop anybody on the road on the basis of their colour, caste, creed and religion should be banned.
  • Racial profile activities should be monitored by any other agency to ensure the proper implementation of the policies.

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