What Is Psychology

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What Is Psychology

Psychology is considered as the science of behaviour. Psychology is the study of behaviour like sleeping and dreaming. Primarily the work of psychologists is considered that they analyse human actions to understand the personality of a person. Firstly, these psychologists ask the questions related to your behaviour and try to analyse the cause of the problem.

What Are The Stages Of Development In Psychology?

The development of human beings is an on-going process that never ends; it starts from your birth and ends up after your death. Developmental psychology is considered as all the experience you take from society from your childhood to your old age is considered as developmental psychology. However all the theories related to development is concerned with children but ultimately the aim of developmental psychology is to provide new research for the development of psychology.

There Are Some Points That Can Be Considered As The Stages Of Development In Psychology:

  • Infancy is the stage when a child is born and this period is considered as from the date of birth to eighteen months. This period of time is called the time of making trust and mistrust because this is the time when a child starts learning if the mother of the child is of positive bent of mind then the child that will be born will also be confident whereas if he doesn't get enough care he will develop mistrust as the same time and he can become a negative personality.
  • Now comes early childhood it is considered as from eighteen months to three years. Now he will be able to understand new things, you can make him ready to learn new skills. He will move here and there and try to observe the environment where he is living but he will not be able to make any decisions till now. At this stage of life a child needs guidance from elders because a child will face many difficulties to accomplish various things so he will need good care.
  • Middle childhood starts from three years and ends up till five years of age. This time period is considered a period of leadership because he will develop his sense of freedom in this duration of time. This is also the time for a child to make an effort to learn new things. If the mother of that child will be able to understand that she should try to try to help her child in understanding the surrounding, otherwise the child can underestimate his abilities.
  • Late childhood starts from five years of age and ends up till twelve years. At this period of time a child needs more attention and he doesn't need much sleep. That is why a child tries to put more effort into learning new things and the main crisis faced by a child at this period is worthlessness. At this age he does not feel so useless but he wants to develop his capacities. If the child is able to understand the things will become laborious in coming times.
  • Adolescence is supposed to start from twelve years of age and ends up till twenty years of the age of child. At this age, a child will feel various changes in his physical as well as mental behaviour. That is why this period is called the period of storm because children face many changes like emotional, physical, psychological, and these kinds of changes give a child the sense of making a strong personality because at this age he will be thinking about the career. That is why he will need some guidance at this age.
  • Early adulthood starts from twenty years of age and ends up till thirty years of age of a child. In this period of time a person can face many challenges like family responsibilities, career related goals can make a person frustrated but all these things can be balanced with the proper care by his loved ones and family members otherwise he can feel boycotted from the society and that can affect his personality negatively.
  • Mature adulthood starts from thirty years of age and ends up till sixty-five years of age, at this stage of life a person can feel sluggish because at this age a person will be suffering from various diseases that is why he can be quite negative about the life experiences.
  • Old age is considered from sixty five to till death. At this stage of life one will feel energy less and incapable of doing most things physically, not having enough money, fear of death.

Psychology Example:

Psychology is applied in every walk of life because without psychology one cannot understand the vested meaning of any human behaviour. Let us understand it with a few examples.

  • Motivation is a very good example of Psychology like one can see various motivational speakers on YouTube; these are the real examples of motivation.
  • Psychology is also used for maintaining health by saying that you should have some protein so that you can maintain your health.
  • It is also used in advertisements to promote goods and services.
  • In a relationship, psychology plays a very important role because if someone has any kind of issue related to his marriage or any kind of relationship, psychology is used to cure these kinds of people.

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