What is Funnel Technique in Writing

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What is Funnel Technique in Writing

A funnel structure is organized in a triangle form, with the topic's general area at the top. It can be a blanket statement. The goal of this structure is to gather a lot of material or data and gradually get to the topic. Now, you are thinking how it relates to the essay-writing assignment help. Basically in funnel structure writing, first you have to write the introductory paragraph which includes the general statement, then body which includes main points. A summary of the main ideas is the most efficient technique to conclude an essay. This will ensure that the reader is satisfied with the topic at hand. Use the assistance of research paper help if you do not understand how to create its format.

Funnel Method Writing:

  1. Strong Introduction:

Your introduction captures the reader's attention. So think carefully what you have to say and then develop your thesis statement. It should have an intriguing statement designed to pique the interest of your readers. Introduce your topic by giving a few concepts or facts about it in the following phrases.

  1. Body:

You can write body in multiple paragraphs. State a specific purpose for each paragraph. Your first paragraph should be wider to connect it to the ending of the first paragraph to the beginning of the second.

  1. Conclusion:

Your conclusion needs to be very strong. A powerful conclusion summarizes your main points and highlights the significance of the subject. End with an empathetic statement or challenge your readers, so that this leaves an impression in their mind.

What Is A Reverse Funnel Conclusion?

A Reverse Funnel Conclusion Is Written Like This:

  1. Use imaginative language to alert your reader that your article is about to come to an end. Use phrases like "Throughout, it is clear that" and "As a result..."
  2. Tell the thesis in a different way.
  3. Summaries your main points in a concise manner.
  4. Conclude with a strong remark that gets the reader to think.
  5. Key points should be relevant.
  6. The final sentence should provoke thought and give your audience giving the reader a nugget of truth or something to think about.

What Do You Mean By Funnel Technique In Writing?

The funnel approach is a common funnel technique in writing. The fundamental concept is that you start off with a fairly broad statement, then you focus a little more specifically and give some introductory remarks about your thoughts. When you get to the section when you introduce your thesis statement, your focus becomes even more restricted. A thesis statement concisely restates your assertion and summarizes your whole argument.

What Is A Funnel Introduction?

The first line in a funnel introduction provides a broad, general remark about the topic. Then, gradually narrow the subject to a certain viewpoint or argument (the thesis). The goal of an introduction is to clearly state your point of view and identify the topic of your work. A strong start also captures the reader's interest and explains what they will learn or comprehend from your essay. You might choose to write your introduction last. In this manner, you can prepare your speech in full before attempting to introduce it.

Funnel Introduction Example:

  • A housecat's existence is not always the most secure.
  • In actuality, there are a lot of issues that are frequently disregarded when domesticated cats play outside.
  • Given that the typical housecat spends 40 to 60 hours outside each week, it is not surprising that the majority of these issues involve other local animals.
  • The stray dog poses the greatest risk to the health of the housecat.

Funnel Paragraph: Introduction

  1. Start with a hook, such as a provocative statement or question. Your thesis must be related to your hook.
  2. Mention the work's title and author in your essay. Use the author's full name when referencing them. Only the author's last name should be used after this citation.
  3. Recap the key ideas in your essay.
  4. Conclude the sentence with your thesis.

How Do You Start A Funnel Introduction?

A funnel introduction should accomplish three main goals: it should first grab the reader's attention; it should then clearly state what the essay's topic is; and finally, it should state the writer's position on the subject whether they are in favour of it or against it. The thesis is the final sentence. This is referred to as a "funnel-shaped introduction" because it starts out broad and gradually narrows down to the thesis statement of your essay (the thesis). It should cover the broad subject, but you do not necessarily need to know what the essay's precise topic or argument will be.

What's A Funnel Introduction?

Your funnel introduction should start with an intriguing statement designed to pique the interest of your readers. A funnel strategy can help you transition logically and smoothly from your opening statement to your thesis statement. The thesis, the most crucial sentence in the entire piece, should be reached after the introduction has guided the reader, sentence by sentence, through a series of connected sentences.

Funnel Approach In The Research Example:

Imagine that you run an online store where you sell vintage signs. You are aware that both men and women make up your target market and that they frequently use Facebook. You manage an excellent Facebook advertisement that sends people to a landing page. On the page, you provide a lead magnet in exchange for a prospect's email address. Pretty basic, yes? Now leads are generated.

You send out content over the coming weeks to inform your subscribers about vintage signs. You are making a fortune off of these signs. From Funnel approach in the research example, it can be inferred that factors like awareness, interest, and decision are taken into action.

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