What Is Cell And Molecular Biology

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What Is Cell And Molecular Biology

It is the study of cells and molecules in which the structure and its functioning is studied. Living cells are studied in cell biology whereas molecular biology studies about the molecular materials like DNA and RNA both.

Cell and molecular biology both are simultaneously used to cure most of the issues related to biology.

Let us have a look at the properties of cell biology.

  • Cells are considered as most organised and critical structures.
  • Cells are the containers of genetic information or hereditary information about genetic material.
  • Cells require energy to consume to maintain its existence.
  • Cells work permanently in body because the process of generation and regeneration both take action in the organism.
  • These are considered as the primary unit of life in organisms.
  • As these are the part of living organism hence they require growth as well.
  • Cells are also known for its responsiveness.

Let Us Have A Look At The Properties Of Molecular Biology

  • These are basically nucleic acids.
  • The combination of the RNA and DNA which make molecular structure of an organism.
  • There are four types of biomolecules are found in an organism such as lipid, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids.

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What Is The Importance Of Studying Molecular Cell Biology?

Many times we get injured, burn and cut, all these activities hamper the cells of an organism and all the branch of science which is applied to cure the organism is known as the molecular biology. To understand the functioning of cells, cell biologist need to apply or work on the molecular biology assignment.

Cell biology is not only applied to cure multiple diseases but it also impacted human fertility as well. Cell biology is also considered regarding plants like if two plants look different but have the same genetic materials.

Forensic department also need to molecular biology. Apart from this, biotechnology also uses the molecular biology in genetic engineering for creating new crops and hybrid crops which would be more yielding and rich in nutrients. Hence, we can understand the importance of cell and molecular biology for the students because by studying this subject students get to know about the biological structure of an organism.

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What Are Molecular Biology Techniques?

There are many molecular biology techniques which are popular in genetic engineering like cut and paste of DNA technology, chromosome integration, extraction of DNA and cellular culture. Apart from this, there are some molecular biological techniques used the study of molecular biology are known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Macromolecule bloating and probing, gel electrophoresis and array (protein array and DNA array).

What Is The Evolution Of Molecular Biology?

As it is clear that biology is used to understand the molecular structure of life, hence, in order to understand the life on the earth Mendel used biology to understand the molecular structure of organism but community of scientists did not understand the importance of this research, however, after passage of sometime Correns rediscovered understood the importance of molecular biology. Hence, scientist got to know about molecular biology and evolution of organism on the planet clearly.

As multiple laws of genetics used with physics by Mendel and tried to understand the how genetic information is stored in cells of living organism. This is how, macromolecules of biology like nucleic acid and proteins.

Molecular biology of the cell and biochemistry both combined together and made and biochemist stood behind the molecular biologist to promote the research.

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Who Is Microbiologist?

These are the people who work on cell biology of living or non-living organism. They try to understand the basic structure of these organisms so that they can find out the formation of their genes which will help them in understanding the evolution of that organism and if the organism has any genetic defect then they can also cure the genetic deformity of the organism. They are the people who are responsible to generate new cells in living organisms. Apart from this, they contribute in different areas like they contribute molecular medicine and they are responsible to develop drugs and they are also help to develop various kinds of vaccines. Recently the vaccines which are newly developed to cure the patients of corona virus are the microbiologist who develops these vaccines. 

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What Are The Sub Disciplines Of Molecular Biology?

There are many other sub branches of molecular biology. Let us have a look at some other sub disciplines of molecular biology.

  • Molecular genetics: It is the study of molecular structure of DNA.
  • Taxicogenemics: It considers about the collecting, storing of gene activity.
  • Comparative genomics: Genetic properties are compared in this sub branch of molecular biology.
  • Proteomics: It is the study of proteins.
  • Functional Genomics: In this, we study about the gene interaction.
  • Gene therapy: It is also the sub branch of molecular biology which deals with the genetic deformity of organism and tries to cure the genetic diseases.
  • Structural genomics: In this, scientists try to study about the protein structure with computer modelling.
  • DNA Forensics: It is used to identify the criminal activities by the investigative agencies. The scientist uses the DNA samples to identify the criminals.

What Are Ethical Issues In Molecular Genetics?

The researchers who are involved in this field of study do not follow research ethics; as a result, there are various creatures that lose their lives. Apart from this, genetic research requires embryos which are unethical practice which should not be allowed for the researchers.

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