What Is Biotechnology

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What Is Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a modern technology that uses living cells to produce new things. Genetically modified foods are the perfect example of the use of biotechnology. Genetic engineering is one the engineering branches which deals with this branch of technology. In order to produce more food grain, biotechnology is being used at a greater scale to mitigate the scarcity of grain from the world. As a result, genetically modified food has been able to feed those people who were not able to fulfil their needs.

What Is The Categorisation Of Biotechnology?

Modern biotechnology has been divided into five categories because of technological advancement. As technology gets advance, the implementation of science also gets wider scope to grow up. Following are the categories of modern biotechnology.

  • Human
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Animal
  • Plant,

What Is The Nature Biotechnology?

Nature biotechnology is a monthly magazine which covers all the legal, ethical, societal and commercial aspects. However, it basically covers the biotechnology in its magazine. Following are the important topics covered by these magazines.

  • Fungi
  • Insect cells
  • Computational analysis
  • Reporter
  • Nano sensors
  • Antibody engineering
  • Stem cells,
  • T-cell therapies
  • Nanotechnology
  • Plant vaccines

Apart from this, there are many more topics which are also covered in this magazine.

What Is Medical Biotechnology?

Medical biotechnology uses the living cells to produce a new organism which is an integral part of medical science. The products we get from medical biotechnology are used for curing the diseases. Medical biotechnology is used in the genetic modification and incurable disease prevention. There are many issues raised in biotechnology because of its ethical use and testing at some living beings. Following are the some modern biotechnological examples which are the evidence of biotechnology.

  • CRISPR: It is the technology known as cas9 used to cut the DNA. It is used in in genome editing which is helpful in gene functioning. All these functioning of genes are considered as the part of genetic engineering.
  • However, there is some spread notion that CRISPR technology can cause the tumour after the implementation of this technology.
  • Tissue Nano trans faction: In this technology, genetic codes are injected in the cells of skin. It is said that this technology has great potential which can help the scientists in curing those people who most prone to accident and injury.
  • Recombinant DNA Technology: It is modern NDA technology used in the biotechnology to find out the cure of genetic diseases. In this technology, scientist gets genes from two organisms and injects it in a new organism to find out the cure of diseases. Genetically modified products are more qualitative and rich in nutrients which are supposed as more efficient than medicines.
  • HPV Vaccine: HPV is also one the dangerous diseases found in women. In order to cure this disease, scientist made HPV vaccine which is the result of biotechnology.
  • Stem cell research: Stem cell research are also utilising the biotechnology as the base of its innovation. Apart from this, stem cell technology is used for invitro fertilisation. These are the women who cannot reproduce due some biological reasons, that is why stem cell technology is being successful technology in solving the genetic issues of medical science.

What Are The Medical And Ethical Issues Of Biotechnology?

Nowadays, there are many diseases are taking place in the society that is why, in order to do search in medical science, researchers are not caring ethical issues involved in the medical science. Following are the issues found in this.

  • Risk to human life: Most researches are being done without caring other creature's life which is showing it as the biggest negative aspect of these researches. It is seen that many people who are suffering from some critical diseases and are not able to get any cure of that, in that case, these people are being used as the soft target for the researchers that is a completely an unethical activity performed by the researchers.
  • Bioterrorism: Biotechnology can also be used as destructive weapon because with the help of this technology, terrorist groups can destroy the social peace of the society.

What Is Plant Biotechnology?

It is the combination of tissue culture and genetic engineering; as a result it produces genetically modified plants. It is the technology which is used to remove the unsuitable components of the crops and plants. For instance, there is an allergen found in peanuts which most people cannot bear that is why the use the biotechnology in plants, legumes and fruits can increase the production as well as quality of these plant and grains.

Following are the benefits of plant biotechnology.

  • Plant biotechnology is very important for the growth of plant and crop production. With the help of biotechnology, the production of multiple crops has been improved drastically.
  • Plant biotechnology is also helpful in reducing the emission of carbon and other poisonous gasses.
  • This technology has lots of potential to produce the crop which can help the population in mitigating the hunger.
  • The use of biotechnology has really helped the humanity in sustaining their lives on the earth.
  • It is very helpful in pesticide advancement because after the implementation of biotechnology in pesticide industry, it has helped the production of crops and grain.
  • It has availed the multiple foods before the people because it has improved the production capacity.
  • With the help of biotechnology the shelf timing have also been improved drastically.
  • It has been able to manage the waste material as well.
  • It has also controlled the many diseases in plants.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Biotechnology?

Biotechnology has proven its benefits in multiple ways; however, there are some disadvantages as well.

  • The use of biotechnology can destroy the basic material of genes in coming time.
  • It is also suppressing some essential components in its produce.
  • Biotechnology can be used as dangerous weapons to destroy the humans.

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