What Is A Special Occasion Speech

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What Is A Special Occasion Speech

Special occasion speech is written to grab the attention of the audience on any special occasion. These speeches are written specifically for birthdays, marriages, and other special events. In addition, special occasion speeches may be informative or inspirational. Most speeches are written for some specific purposes like demonstrative speeches and persuasive speeches. However, the students who are pursuing higher education need to write an assignment to get better grades in higher education; however, choosing perfect special occasion speech topics becomes a challenge for most students. Students can have a look at the following special occasion speech topics.

  • Wedding ceremony.
  • Birthday celebration.
  • End of the year celebration.
  • Funeral ceremony.
  • Retirement ceremony
  • Graduation last year function.

What Is A Special Speech Occasion Outline?

Every writing requires making an outline first; hence speech outline also requires the introduction, body and conclusion. Each type of speech has some differences as well as some similarities.

What Are The Types Of Speech Outline?

Every event requires some special speech hence; there are many events that take place in the world which require a specific speech. Basically, there are two categories of special speech outline.

  • Ceremonial speaking
  • Inspirational speaking

Informative Speech Examples

Ceremonial speech: Ceremonial speeches are special occasion speeches addressed on the special occasion. These are divided into eight categories.

  • Speech of introduction.
  • Acceptance speech
  • Presentation speech
  • Dedication speech
  • Toast
  • Roast
  • Eulogy
  • Farewell speech
  • After dinner speech

Inspirational speech: Inspirational speech is written to inspire the audience so that they can believe at what you are delivering the speech. It is addressed to inspire people to achieve any personal or professional goal. There are two types of inspirational speeches.

  • Goodwill speech
  • Commemorative speech

Introduction To Persuasive Speech Topics

Goodwill speech: As its name suggests that these speeches are delivered to create goodwill among a certain group of people. It is categorised into three parts.

  • Justification speech
  • Public relation speech.
  • Speech of apology.

Commemorative speech: These are given in the universities and colleges during the ceremony like award functions and many others. However, for writing assignment on commemorative speech students also need to write a commemorative speech outline first which helps them in writing the best assignment on commemorative speech.

How To Make A Speech Outline?

Speech outline is created to write speeches to address some special category of people. Let us have a look at the following category of outline speeches.

  • Self-introduction speech outline: It is written to give a self-introduction in which there are three components are involved, the first is introduction, the second is body part and the third is the conclusion.
  • Ceremonial speech outline: Ceremonial speech is used in colleges and universities during the celebration of any ceremony of function, however, the outline of ceremonial speech includes an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Commencement speech outline: commencement speech is also given in universities and colleges to address the ceremony.
  • Informative speech outlines: These are written from the point of view of providing information to a particular group of people.

How To Prepare An Impromptu Speech?

How To Write A Special Occasion Speech?

Special occasion speeches are written for a specific occasion, however, every occasion has some different speech, and hence, there are no specific set rules for writing a special occasion speech. Let us have a look at the following steps used in special occasion speech writing.

  • Outline: Every type of speech is written in the same manner, the outline of a special occasion speech also follows the introduction, main body and conclusion.
  • Select a special occasion: Basically, it is categorised into eight categories, no matter what kind of speech you are writing, the introduction of the speech must be written compelling. Apart from this, the thesis statement of the special occasion speech must be eye-catching and soothing; hence its impact on the audience would be more.
  • Body of special occasion speech: In this part, students need to elaborate on the topic in a detailed form. The thesis statement written in the introduction needs to be supported with some evidence and facts in the body part of the special occasion speech writing. The speech may be long or short is determined by the type of speech you have chosen for addressing as well as the kind of occasion.
  • Special occasion speech conclusion: In this part of special occasion speech writing you need to write all the main points as well as some important constructive messages.

What Are Extemporaneous Speech Topics?

What Is The Purpose Of A Special Occasion Speech?

Special occasion speeches are given to address some special moments. Let us have a detailed look at all the following special occasions.

  • Birthday Ceremony: is also one of the most significant occasions in which special occasion speeches are given before the people. It may be the birthday of your wife or husband, mother or father, brother or sister, father-in-law or mother-in-law and many others.
  • End of the year: End of the year is also one of the ceremonies in which a special occasion speech is given before the people.
  • Farewell ceremony: it is also a special occasion in which a special occasion speech is given to address the people in the ceremony.
  • Retirement ceremony: It is also a kind of special occasion in which a specific speech is given before the people.
  • Christmas evening: it is a special occasion in which some specific speeches are given before the specific public.

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