What Is A Double Entendre

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What Is A Double Entendre

When we talk about the double entendre means we are talking of a phrase or sentence which is describing two meanings of the same sentence where the first meaning of the sentence is direct means which will describe that directly without ambiguity and the second meaning of the same sentence of phrase would be sexually offensive in nature. A writer may use any technique of writing a sentence. It depends on his way of writing a sentence whether he chooses clear words or he chooses unclear words means he would be saying the same thing but he would be using different words for expressing the same thing. This way writing gives the opportunity to the readers to understand the meaning of that sentence. It is mostly used in literature because in literature you have to write in that manner so that the readers can understand the hidden meaning of the sentence as they use many things which work as an addition in the writing of any kind of write up.

Double Entendre Definition:

Double entendre is French word which means double meaning that is why when we want to express our idea with the help of a sentence, once we use simple word to express the same thing and again we use the idea to express with another phrase of meanings, in that case, we say that this sentence is double entendre means double meaning.

Let Us Understand About Double Entendre Example

The word entendre is derived from the French language which means to hear and the meaning of double entendre means double meaning, let us take an example if I say Anderson is having a mango and after that i say is eating a mango, means my idea is same but the structuring of the sentence is different. Basically these sorts of sentences are used in literature to express the feelings of the author with the help of phrases, idioms, fancy words which can impact on the readers to engage in the write up. In entendre, there are chances that the writer has used that word intentionally for creating an impression before the readers. There can be some examples of double entendre.

  • Whenever I feel blue I must start breathing again.
  • A man in love is absolutely incomplete until he gets married. And then will be finished.

The meaning of entendre is not so easy to understand because it uses many literary words, phrases, difficult words that is why it is mostly used in literature to make it more beautiful and attractive to the readers. Many writers try to implement double entendre in their writing with the use of homophones, phrases, difficult words, idioms and many other literary words which can create an impression before the readers and understanding double meaning sentences is not an easy task at all because it requires good knowledge of English. In this type of sentences, you will always see that the meaning of second sentence is sexual suggestion but it is not necessary in all the sentences.

Use Of Double Entendre Sentence

Generally entendre aims to give clear meaning in the first sentence but in the second sentence it would become unclear, that is why entendre is used to express the feeling which you cannot express in simple sentences because it try to express something which is not possible to express in clear language that is why we use double meaning sentences which helps us in delivering the original thought before the readers. Double entendre is used by many writers and many prose writers to express their ideas to their readers. Double entendre is also used by drama players to show their act as witty before the audience because it creates a very good impression. There was a time when use of double entendre stopped in the United Kingdom just because the players were using this to indicate the ladies that was not good for a civilised society, hence it got banned but due its popularity double entendre revived again in the United Kingdom. Nowadays, it is openly used in Bollywood, Hollywood in different plays as we are living in the liberal world, so, you can use double entendre to express your feeling with the help of your writing or in your personal life as well.

Let Us Understand Innuendo Definition:

The word innuendo is also a French word meaning satire when you frame a sentence satirically. That means the intention of the speaker is innuendo, meaning he is trying to enjoy by annotating with that sentence.

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