What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Australia

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What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Australia

There are many jobs available in Australia but few of them have the potential of earning more but few jobs are the central point of attraction among the people of Australia. Nowadays, there are number of career options available like Architecture, Law, tourism, career counselling and many more but when we talk about the highest paying jobs in Australia, you will find that the medical career has more capacity to pay because as there is a saying that 'health is wealth' that is the reason that everybody spend their fifty per cent of earning on their health, as it is clear that most of doctors are earning very well.

There are few professions that can pay you very good income.

  • Surgeons are one of the highest paid professionals in Australia; they get almost $ 393302 per year because this is a profession where money does not matter to those people who are suffering from any kind of disease that patients do not think about before paying.
  • But this is not the accurate pay of doctors as everyone knows that there are many more branches of medical science that have different pay structure, hence you can see doctors who belong to ophthalmology, speech therapist, skin specialists, hematologist and many other branches of medical science are earning well in Australia, not even Australia but in other parts of the world.
  • Financial dealings are also considered one of the highest paid jobs in Australia because this profession is related to finance that has a huge scope of making money.
  • Psychiatrists are also paid well as you know that this profession is also related to medical science which is undoubtedly a well-paid job in Australia.
  • People who are associated with judicial jobs are paid very well as there are many cases pending in the courts just because of plenty of cases and most lawyers are not efficient to deal with the cases.
  • Mining engineers are also paid very well because they work in mines as working in mines is not quite easy to everyone as it is clear that you can face trouble at any moment.
  • Job of vice president is also one of the highest paid jobs in Melbourne. It is paid $150350 per annum, which is a handsome amount.

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What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Australia Without A Degree?

We all know that if you want to earn more just go abroad but before going out of the country, you need to have a good degree and diploma but it is not true in current perspective because there are various jobs available to those who do not have any kind of degree or diploma. Nowadays, most companies are hiring people only on the basis of their skills. There are some jobs that do not require any kind of degree or diploma.

  • Job of electrician is also one of the top paying jobs in Australia. As the need of an electrician is high because everyone cannot do this task because it requires specific practical knowledge that is why electricians always charge high for their services.
  • Fitness instructors are also paid well and this job also does not require any specific degree or diploma. As it is a skill based job, you must have a good practical understanding of the training that can help people in improving their health.
  • Digital Marketing Manager is also one of the highest paying jobs in Perth. Every company becomes a tech company because every company is practicing digital marketing to promote their business. That is why companies need to hire digital marketing managers to manage their websites. Furthermore, these companies do not require any degree or diploma for this post; they just want to hire skilled people who can manage the websites in an effective way to promote the company's goods and services.

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What Are The Lowest Paying Jobs In Australia?

There are many industries which are providing several jobs in Australia but these are not providing good salaries to the workers. That is why most workers are not able to manage their livelihood. These are few jobs in which people do not get much salary as compared to some prominent jobs.

  • Packing is one of the lowest paid jobs in Australia because it does not require any technical skill but this is one of booming industries still they do not pay more.
  • Pick and packing is one of the physical jobs where people complete their task through their hands and legs but in the coming future, due to Artificial Intelligence these jobs would be lost, as a result unemployment.
  • Receptionists are also considered less paid employees, as the work of receptionist does not require any technical skill; as a result, they are paid less.
  • Factory workers are also one of the less paid employees because they do their task physically and do not possess any technical skill, hence less paid.
  • Retail assistants are also paid less but this is supposed to be the future of the market as it has lots of scope of growth but as people of this industry do not require any technical skill, hence paid less.

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