What Are The Coal Mines

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What Are The Coal Mines

Extraction of coal and its substances from the earth is known as mining and these blocks from which coals are extracted are known as coal mines. Coal is considered as the most exploited source of energy on the earth by the humans for the sake of development. It is one the most available cheap source of energy in the world.

Coal was the basic source of energy for the entire world during the industrial revolution as it was the best and cheap source of energy.

What Are Methods Of Coal Mining?

As coal mining is the most used source of mining in the world and there are different types of coal found in the world which are used for different purposes. Some coal types are low in quality and some are high quality of coal in terms of their burning capability. However, there are 4 methods used for coal mining in the world.

  • contour strip mining,
  • Area strip mining,
  • Open pit mining,
  • Auger mining,

Contour mining: Contour mining is mostly used in hilly terrain. Basically this process is often used to remove the pile of coal.

Area strip mining: It mostly used in plain areas where soil is flat. This process is used till the coal material is left uneconomical.

Open pit mining: This process is mostly used in those areas where coal material is found thick.

Auger mining: This method is used to remove the coal found after the contour mining. This process of mining is also the cause of water pollution in that area.

How Are The Issues Caused Due To Coal Mining?

As coal is the most useful source of energy which is mostly used by all the industries to fulfil their energy needs. Apart from this, coal also has various negative impacts on the environment because it has a very less burning rate which produces lots of carbon content. The people who work in the coal mining fields need to take care of their health because it is seen that most people get infected with various diseases related to lungs and skin.

Apart from this, there are many other impacts of coal mining.

  • Global warming: With the development of industrialization humans have extracted the coal content from the earth a lot, With the passage of time, all the industries and machinery got entirely dependent on coal energy, as a result, it impacted our climate negatively.
  • Air pollution: As these coal power plants are being operated from coal energy, hence these are becoming the main source of air pollution because it flows in the air while the excavation of coal takes place.
  • Water pollution: The impact of coal mining is also recorded at water as well because when we extract the coal from coalmines, hence the carbon content also gets dissolved with the water.
  • Thermal pollution from coal: It is also an output content from coal which is the residue of thermal power.
  • Destruction of trees and forest: In order to extracting the coal from the earth, humans have destroyed the trees as well as wide range of forest areas.
  • Destruction of land areas and habitat: As the demand of coal content is very high in the world, that is why most of the areas of the world have got impacted due to coal mining, as a result, it has impacted those areas as well where humans as well as other creatures live.
  • Releases methane in the atmosphere: Methane released in the atmosphere when we excavate the coal from deeper coal mines which considered as one of the best resources of energy because of its burning capability.
  • Cole fires: Coal fire is the most probable incident which take place in the mines because it releases lots of dust in the atmosphere which impacts health of the people a lot.

What Are Challenges Faced By Coal Miners?

As it is very known that coal mining is not an easy task because it involves various challenges. Many times it is seen that the workers who work in the coalmines get impacted by various challenges like slipping from ladders in the deep coalmines, due to explosions in the coalmines they also get affected, sometimes they lose their some organs like hands, legs or other organs. Apart from this, there are some other problems which also impact a lot like coal mining impacts water body, hence the source of fresh water get impacted a lot. Sometimes it is also seen that they stuck in mines due flood which becomes danger for their health and the emission of poisonous gases also becomes reasons of death for many workers in the coalmines.

Which Kind Of Challenges Faced By Coal Mines UK Industries?

As coal is the cheap and best source of energy in the world as well as in the UK. There are multiple reasons of being sluggish the coalmine industry. Let us have a look at those points which are impacting the coalmine industry a lot.

  • Weak global demand: Nowadays, we have got multiple options of energy like LNG, CNG and some other kinds of gases. Apart from this, we have renewable sources of energy as well which also impacting the coal industries greatly.
  • Resource scarcity: As the coal is getting consumed rapidly by various industries, hence we are facing fuel scarcity; hence we are searching other options energy like renewable energy.
  • Talent crisis: As we are facing scarcity of human resource in the mining industry because people are not opting this field as their first preference of career.

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