What Are Cultural Studies

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What Are Cultural Studies

Cultural studies always study various disciplines and discuss the political aspects of the culture. It is inspired by many political philosophers who have given their contribution to the sociocultural aspect of the society to uplift the people. The concept of cultural studies originated in Britain during 1950 because the philosophical scholars of that time started thinking about the cultural issues of that time that is why the cultural studies tell about the cultural dimension of the society.

What Is The Importance Of Cultural Studies In Literature?

Humans have long history of development on earth, since the inception of human civilisation, humans are living on this planet but initially, humans brain were not so much developed but with the passage of time they invented numerous things to survive, this is how they developed their thinking capacity which gave them a new dimension to think about their all the things which could impact them and in the process of this development, they also created their literature in which they incorporated their culture and made their culture very rich and after passage of time humans started thinking about the importance of cultural because they knew that without cultural development, humans cannot survive long.

What Is The Relation Between Literature And Culture?

Literature and culture both are two sides of the same coin as you can see that as culture develops, literature automatically starts developing because the society is made up of people, languages, customs and their belief, so if you can understand the relationship of culture with literature because literature always runs on the feet of culture as language is the part of literature, that is the reason literature cannot run without culture. Literature consists of prose and poetry but culture is directly related to human life that consolidates all the historical events which are used by literature to its development.

What Is The Relation Between Cultural And Religious Studies?

Culture and religion both interrelate because religion inspires the culture. Many times we can see the debate on culture and religion because most people do not understand the basic difference between these concepts, as a result philosophers started thinking about this as how cultural studies and religious studies are interrelated then they find that one man culture is another man nothing because if a person who is basically from America will never value the culture of India as he does not know anything about others culture but religion never changes its form if a person is Nepali and follows Hinduism and a person of India also follows Hinduism then you will never see any difference in their religious belief because religion never changes. This is how philosophers started thinking about this concept and later on this is developed as a discipline to study.

What Are Comparative Cultural Studies?

We humans live in society where we make relation to each other with the help of language, we participate in each other parties and functions, this is how we make relationship in a society and when we try to understand it and study about it in the colleges and universities then it is known as cultural studies, and when we compare the culture of one country to another country, we know it as comparative cultural studies

What Are Material Culture Studies?

When we try to understand the relation between human and materialistic subjects like geography, anthropology and history which discusses materialistic things and when we study about it then we know it as material cultural studies. Material culture is not good for humans longer existence on earth as it becomes the reason of destruction of human existence because people start running after the materialistic things which do not have any end, so with the passage of time, many philosophers thought about this and later on started as a discipline in the universities and colleges, which is known as material cultural studies.

What Are Courses In Cultural Studies?

Many students are applying for cultural studies courses in United Kingdom because with this course students can understand about different cultures of the world which will give them more inputs about the history of human culture.

Let Us Understand About Cultural And Media Studies:

Cultural and media studies focuses on the cultural development through Media and it studies about the culture created by the Media and entertainment industries as everyone likes to watch and listen to the music, news, movies through media, hence the cultural and media studies have become an important discipline of study. Nowadays most people are using various mediums to consume all the programmes and shows through YouTube, Facebook and many more. That is why cultural and media studies have become an important discipline among the students.

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