The Purpose Of Eulogy

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The Purpose Of Eulogy

It is the truth of life that death is sure, therefore when someone in our family passes away then the closest person of the family or someone who is the closest friend of that person will give eulogy and this is the best way to express the feeling related to that person who has passed away but at the same time it is very challenging to consolidate all the memories which you have in your mind and delivering that in a single speech of 15 to 20 minutes. It includes all the memories and habits of that departed person who is no more in this world.

What Is Eulogy?

When you give a tribute to someone who is no more in this world and he is the near and dear one to whom who is going to pay tribute to the departed person. It is the last golden opportunity to give tribute. This is the opportunity to describe the qualities and abilities of a departed person. You have to recollect all the memories of the past which you have shared previously with your friend who is no more in the world. The purpose of giving eulogy is making all the members of the family calm and happy so that they can manage that situation because most people who suffer at that moment would not be able to manage themselves. But what is important in writing eulogy is the quality of content. There are some important points which must be mentioned in the eulogy writing.

  • There is no fixed pattern of writing an eulogy but you should craft every line beautifully which can include all the memories that you have shared with him.
  • You must have a good ability to narrate all the memorable moments of life in story form.
  • You must have daring confidence in your personality so that you can manage this sad moment easily.
  • You have to mention an overview of their life and you should also include all the best memories while writing a eulogy.
  • What kind of relationship they have with their family members and if they have any important moment related to career of life must be included in eulogy writing.
  • Any achievement of life like if he has done so far means composed any song, written any poetry by the departed.
  • If they have said any notable things in their life which have some importance can be mentioned in eulogy.
  • If you feel any problem during the delivery of eulogy, you just need to recall all the beautiful memories.

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How Can One Write A Good Eulogy?

There is no fixed pattern to write eulogy because this depends on the person who is going to write the eulogy because every person would be having a different experience as it is not possible that the kind of experience one would be having would be applicable on someone else. You should remember all those moments which you have shared with him while writing. There are some unavoidable points which Eulogy writers must take care of while writing the eulogy.

  • Eulogy writers must write all those memories which they have shared with the departed person.
  • Mentioning all the good memories like if you have gone somewhere with him and did not forget till now, should also be mentioned in eulogy writing.
  • You should also mention about your college days if you have studied with the person who passed away.
  • You should also have a look at some photo or video which is related to that person because it is the best way of recalling all the memories.
  • When you are preparing to write the eulogy you should visit those places which are related to the departed person.
  • Family members and some close friends can also give you some ideas in writing good eulogy.
  • If they were having any kind of interest in any kind of song or quote that they loved much.
  • Eulogy is spoken around 5 to 10 minutes. That is why you should write only important memories which have impacted a lot to you and others.

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How Can One Make Eulogy Better?

There are several points if one would use it in writing the eulogy and would be able to write a good eulogy.

  • Practise the eulogy which you have written with your friends so that you can craft a better and impressive eulogy.
  • You must mention all the major events of the departed person.
  • You should include it if you have any travel adventures.

Eulogy Writing in Australia: There is no fixed rule of writing eulogy in Australia because it is related to the personal feeling of who is going to deliver a speech of eulogy because it is related to one's personal life that has passed away. In the eulogy writing one should mention all those things that have impacted his life on a greater scale. There are some important points that must be included in the eulogy writing.

  • First of all you have to write the introduction of a eulogy in which you have to mention about the cause of death, quotations and short information about the relationship with the departed person.
  • Now you have to write the body part of the eulogy in which you will have to cover all the important aspects of the departed person.
  • You should also mention childhood memories.
  • You should also mention the memory of marriage and children because this is related to one's emotions.

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