Recall All Poetic Devices With Best Examples

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Recall All Poetic Devices With Best Examples

A poem includes several elements like structure, rhythm, visual and verbal elements that are important to use in order to deliver the exact thoughts and meaning to the audience. Among all the components, the poetic devices are the most preferable literary devices that are used commonly by writers and authors in poems.

Poetic Devices Definition

It is considered a form of writing which is widely used for framing poetry. It emphasizes the phrasing, vocabulary and grammatical structure of the whole poem. With the help of poetic devices, the poet tries to create the tone, mood and atmosphere of the write-up or a poem. The main purpose of using such poetic devices is to engage the reader so that they can connect with the poet. That's why it is considered as the backbone of the whole poem as it only helps in conveying the actual meaning of the write-up.

What Are Poetic Devices?

There can be a strict structure for poetic devices or not at all. This is because for various purposes and types of poems the use of literary devices can vary. The poetic devices help the poet to connect all the dots of the poem and to join all the pieces of write-ups together. We can use these devices in literature too. In this blog, we will help you to recall some of them for better understanding and clarity.

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Types Of Poetic Devices With Examples

According to the experts, there are many poetic devices that can be used but the below mentioned are most commonly used. For your reference we are going to provide a poetic device list :

  1. Alliteration: In simple language, the starting of each word in a line starts with the same alphabet. For example, 'holding a universe undone by you.' here, we can see the letter u is there at the starting of each letter.
  2. Hyperbole: This poetic device is used when we exaggerate things or some situations. For example, 'the cold waves have frozen all my body parts'
  3. Metaphor: There are two parts of imagery a metaphor and a simile which are descriptive in nature. In metaphor poetic devices we describe or elaborate something by mentioning or listing some other thing. For example: 'Spread your wings and fly high to achieve your goals.'
  4. Simile: In this poetic literary device, two things are compared and described as similar. For example 'beautiful as a butterfly.'

Please note that we can get to know about simile when the comparison is made with the help of the word 'like' or 'as'.

  1. Irony: Among all other devices, this one tops the list. Nowadays, we are using this in our day to day lives. This poetic device is used for giving sarcastic effects. Sometimes we write the opposite or contradict of what we are thinking.
  2. Oxymoron: In these types, two opposite words are used as conjunction at the same time. For instance: 'Both the concepts have the same difference'
  3. Personification: While using the personification poetic thing, we compare a non-living thing with a living one. For example 'The sky shred their tears all night.' This indirectly means that it was raining all night. It has nothing to do with the tears of a human being.
  4. Allegory: The device is used to interpret some other meaning with the help of any written work, story or even poem. The best example of them is Aesop's Fables in which they are point to some other meanings like the poem of 'The ant and the grasshopper. '

The list of such devices goes on and if you want to broaden your wisdom on this subject then seek literature assignment help without any hesitation and second doubt. Concepts like this are worth remembering and don't miss any chance to learn them.

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Poetic Devices That Are Used For Creating Rhythm In The Poem

Not all devices are responsible for creating the rhythm of the poem. Rhyming and repetition are the main devices that are used for creating the rhythm.

  • Repetition: Sometimes we can see that a single word comes again and again in the poem, this is called repetition of words, phrases and even lines in a poem. This is a great way to set the rhythmic sound of the poetry.

Let's make you understand with poetic devices with examples:

For instance:

'To the swinging and the ringing

Of the bells, bells, bells. '

The above line is from the poem 'The Bell' written by Edgar Allen in which he has made the use of the word bell to create a rhythmic sound.

  • Rhyming: During the primary classes, we all have learnt some rhyming words but they are also used as poetic devices. In a poem, there are not able to stand alone as they are used in couplets or pairs.

For instance :

'For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings

That then I scorn to change my state with kings... '

In the above lines of Shakespeare, the word brings and kings are rhyming words and can be used as the best poetic sound devices to create rhythmic sounds of the poem.

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