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Peel Paragraph Writing

"Students, this is the topic for your essay". Start writing. The very next moment, you wonder what to write? Where to begin from? How to start writing? I know a relatable situation, isn't it? 

Every student has faced this dilemma when asked to write essays. We keep on gazing at the topic, confused about how to deal with it. To find a permanent solution to this difficulty, a wise individual penned down PEEL. If you are unaware of this technique then let's dive in together to know more about it.

What Is A Peel Paragraph?

The acronym PEEL stands for; Point, Evidence, Explain, and Link. The PEEL paragraph structure is used to state your school of thought clearly and precisely. The objective is to bring the readers round to your views. Following the structure of PEEL writing, writers express their opinions structurally and logically.

Essays are a form of persuasive writing in which the writer states information about a certain topic typically to convince the reader of their firm belief about the topic. The PEEL persuasive writing is a technique used in which the writers write the essay in a structured way that presents an argument based on the essay topic. When the writer expresses his view using the PEEL structure then, readers can easily understand the topic.

Techniques For Writing A Good Peel Paragraph

PEEL writing is used in almost every school to ensure students write a compelling and informative essay. It is an important skill to develop as it helps students lifelong. Before beginning the essay, one should be aware of the PEEL method of essay writing. If you follow the right techniques, then you will present a perfect and flawless essay. So, let's begin with knowing the techniques:

  • Plan your essay: Planning is one of the most understated things while writing an essay. It is the biggest mistake students do when given to write an essay. When students begin writing essays without planning, they write a haphazard essay without drawing any attention from the reader. They struggle more and fail to deliver a quality essay. Drafting an outline for the essay and pre-deciding the arguments and pieces of evidence help to deliver a quality essay without any hassle.
  • Begin with the topic: After planning the essay, the next step is to introduce the topic of the essay to the readers. Do not beat around the bush. Introduce the topic directly. Your starting paragraph of the essay should state the theme of the essay. Choose the topic wisely in which you have maximum know-about.
  • Select the examples wisely: In PEEL structure essay writing, it is imperative to choose examples that add more value to your essay. While researching the topic, stick to finding examples that prove your point and support the topic you are writing about. Without adequate examples to support your topic will make your essay simple and placid.
  • Elaborate your examples: After you have selected your examples, your next step should be to elaborate on the examples. For a good essay, the explanation of examples plays a vital role in engaging the readers to read further. Make sure that before you end a paragraph link it with the next paragraph. Your next paragraph should start from where you ended the previous paragraph. It provides a good insight to the reader.
  • Provide proper conclusion: The conclusion should be brief and clear summarising the entire essay and your point of view on the topic. Always end the essay on a positive note.

Stages Of A Good Peel Paragraph?

After doing all planning, research, and knowing about the techniques, it is time to develop a good peel paragraph. The 4 stages of PEEL essay writing is discussed below:

  1. POINT: Clarity is the key. Your point should be stated clearly and at the beginning of the paragraph. When you start your essay like this then the reader gets to know about the theme of your essay and they will be interested in reading further. Do not include irrelevant information regarding the topic. When you state things that are not connected then the reader might lose interest and will not engage in reading further. It might go against you and will reduce the impact your essay can create ahead.
  2. Evidence: The purpose of writing persuasive writing is to bring the reader round to your view. The reader will believe your argument when it is supported with relevant shreds of evidence. Your source of evidence should be reliable and authentic. It should be based on facts leaving the reader no choice but to agree. The best way to change the reader's mind and gain their trust is through evidence.
  3. Explain The next step in PEEL writing structure is to explain the point you made and the evidence you supported with. An explanation is very vital because it is where the writer can make the most impact. There should be no room for the reader's doubt and they should agree with your point of evidence. Keep in mind that your evidence should be supportive and elaborately explained.
  4. Link: The final step is to link the paragraphs. There should be consistency and connection between paragraphs. Before writing, think of the links you would use and you will easily be able to create a good essay. It will hold the reader's interest and will give them the impression of you being a good writer.

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Tips To Note Before Writing Peel Essay

There lies a huge difference between stating your point of view verbally and in written form. You should not use day-to-day conversational language in your essay. Essays require you to use a formal writing tone of language. A point to keep in mind is to use the third person tone when writing your essay. The tone should be serious and appropriate. Avoid the usage of language which you use in normal conversation.

Using the PEEL method in writing essays is not an easy task. If you are someone struggling to write an essay, we can assist you. The Student Helpline provides you with the best-customized essay at affordable prices. Our experienced writers deliver quality content under strict deadlines. What are you waiting for? Get the best assignment help online.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Peel Paragraph

How Do You Write A PEEL paragraph?

It follows 4 simple steps that are point, evidence, explain, and link. Refer to the above blog.

What Is PEEL LoL?

In the league of professionals, peel refers to the action of dealing with the damage done by the enemy.

What Is PEEL Supports LoL?

In a squishy championship, peeling means doing everything in hand to protect your vulnerable allies.

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