Ottawa Charter

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Ottawa Charter

Have you ever come across health promotion? It is a process for improving health status by having increased control over it. The main purpose of health promotion is to achieve equity in terms of health. All the resources should be available to all the people out there for achieving the best health potential. Health cannot be considered an object of living; instead, it is an essential resource in our day-to-day lives. That's why it is not only important for a policymaker of the healthcare sector; all of us should study it to get the best lifestyle.

In the blog, we are introducing you to new information about the Ottawa charter, which is considered the global health promotion document.

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What Is The Ottawa Charter?

Ottawa charter is a global document for health promotion, which is signed for promoting international health. The 1st international conference was only signed stating health promotion on 21st November 1986.

What Is The Ottawa Charter For Health Promotion?

The Ottawa charter health promotion is a crucial part when it comes to health programs for people. It aims to identify the required needs and targets of the population along with the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of the entire population.

World health organization also states that health is beyond the absence of any disease; it is the whole well-being of mind and body.

The Ottawa charter outlines some necessary pre-requisites for heath that are mentioned below:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Peace
  • Education
  • Equity and social justice
  • Income
  • Sustainability of resources
  • A sound eco-system

When all the above factors combine together, there is a great scope of improvement in health. The presence and absence of any one of the factors will significantly impact health. Therefore, it was realized to adopt an approach that can cover various factors and variants.

In accordance with this, the first conference was organized in Ottawa by WHO. In this one of a kind document, the Ottawa Charter was signed.

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Key Components And Strategies Of The Ottawa Charter

The kind document contains five major components that are listed below:

  • Creating policies related to the heath for the benefit of people. The policies suggestions are made by the government as well as by health departments. The health policies assure taking of the healthier choices and decisions.
  • Making the Ottawa charter supportive environments is necessary to create a supportive surrounding where people can play, work, and live. For example - the promotion of health-related activities like gyms in workplaces.
  • Making Ottawa charter action are as strong at the community level. The interactions between different community groups are a must to discuss the topics related to diseases like cancer, aids, and many more.
  • Skill development on a personal level. The big ideas for health promotion can be achieved by health development in each individuals life. The Ottawa charter develops personal skills that are important to know:
  1. Information through various sources and by watching videos related to health.
  2. School curriculums should include knowledge of fitness.
  3. Creating and participating in the groups to spread awareness
  4. Taking feedbacks from people on what all changes they are noticing.
  • Reorientation related to health services can decrease the risk factors and improve the productive aspects. For example, running programs to stop smoking and create awareness about the harmful effects.

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Three Important Strategies Of The Ottawa Charter

As you are now aware of the major components, we would like to make you aware of three strategies that are included in the Ottawa charter nursing :

  • The first is the advocate that supports the health policy related to political commitments to achieve health objectives.
  • The next comes to mediate the various communities interests to serve the best health purpose.
  • Last but not least is to enable various activities among individual groups for discussing multiple health concerns.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Is The Ottawa Charter Important?

Heath should be the primary motive of most people out there. With the Ottawa charter, the individual groups and communities can create information and awareness about improving health in the best possible way. All the pre-requisites like food, shelter, peace are equally important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What Does The Ottawa Charter Do?

It includes various policies and principles related to health promotion, making different health conditions favourable for different community groups.

The important key takeaway from this blog:

  • We learn about the importance of the first international health promotion signed in Ottawa in 1986.
  • The main strategies and components that sum up the one of a kind document.
  • At last, we answered some of your most asked questions.

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