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HLTINF001 Assessment Answers

These are the protocols regarding the protection from diseases given by the Australian government to those organizations which are working in health sectors.

What Are The Precautions To Prevent The Diseases?

There are many ways to control a disease and infection in the healthcare industry which is why the government of Australia made some protocols to the people who work in the healthcare industry. We cannot identify a person just by looking at the person, it cannot be said that a person is infected with any disease only on the basis of the disability. The best way to prevent the disease or the infection, you need to wash your hand that will help you from infecting the diseases.

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What Are Hand Hygiene Practices?

There are lots of bacteria and germs found in our atmosphere. But hospitals are more infection prone areas where all the people are required to follow some protocols to prevent themselves from infectious diseases. But all these protocols are more important to health professionals who work in hospitals, nursing homes, medical colleges, medical clinics and other healthcare destinations. However, hospitals and all the healthcare industry has to follow these protocols to maintain the healthy environment. Let us have a look at the following points for hand sanitizing.

  • Clean your hands regularly to kill the germs and infections.
  • Clean your hands with soap or any cleanser.

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Which Kind Of Gloves Are To Be Used In The Healthcare Industry?

Most doctors and nurses are required to wear the gloves while meeting the patients or when they look the patients on a regular basis then they again need to wear gloves. Apart from this, the other health professionals also need to wear gloves because they are also more prone to infections and other infectious diseases. There are four types of gloves allowed in the healthcare industry.

  • No Sterile Gloves: These are the one time use gloves given to the healthcare workers to protect themselves from the infectious diseases because these people have to meet the patients again and again.
  • Sterile Gloves: These are used to dressing the wound so these are also helpful in protecting themselves from the infectious diseases. That is why all the healthcare professionals need to follow these gloves while rapping the wounds.
  • Utility Gloves: It is used to clean any vegetable and pots which are advised to healthcare industry kitchen. These gloves are really helpful in protecting the diseases from the patients.
  • Heavy Duty: The people, who are indulged in heavy chemical components, need to use these gloves to protect themselves from heavy chemicals.

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What Are The Instructions To Cover Cuts?

As skin works as a protector on our body but when you get an injury on the body, for the protection of your body, you need to follow these instructions to cover your cuts. As these cuts may be a reason to spread the infections to others.

What Are Instructions For Wearing Apron?

All the medical professionals need to wear apron at the healthcare centres while they are on duty, it is mandatory to wear it to show to uniformity among the healthcare workers. Following are the parameter for apron.

  • Apron should be long sleeved or it can be half sleeved as well, depending upon the situation.
  • There are multiple kinds of apron used in healthcare industry like plastic apron, water resistance apron and cotton apron.
  • The usage of apron depends on the nature of treatment.

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What Kinds Of Glasses Are Used In Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare professionals are advised to wear the face shields while operating the patients because these glasses and face shields save them from the direct contact of infection and disease. Following are the points which give an idea about the usage of the glasses and face shields in healthcare spots.

  • Healthcare professionals need to wear prescribed glasses.
  • Those people can wear goggles who do not want to wear prescribed glasses at the workplace.
  • Always check your glasses whether they are in good condition or not because cracked glasses are supposed to be wear at the care place.
  • You should not touch the glasses from your hand because it can be infectious to the doctors as well as other medical staff.
  • Healthcare professionals should always remove their PPE kit from shoulder to avoid any infection.

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How To Use The Footwear At The Healthcare Centres?

Healthcare professionals are suggested to wear the following footwear at the healthcare spot.

  • You should use the only shoes that are comfortable for you.
  • Always use the nonslip shoes at the healthcare center.
  • It is advised to the healthcare professionals that they should prefer medicated shocks instead of normal shocks.

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