Chcece004 Assessment Answers

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Chcece004 Assessment Answers

These are the assessment answers of health issues, raised by health professionals. In this assessment, they found some issues like heart disease proved to be the reasons for death. For the growth of physical health, genes are responsible but many researches have proven that our environment also plays a significant role in our physical as well as mental health. There is one conclusion also found in these assessments like what we eat is properly digested or not is also responsible for creating various diseases in our body. It is also proven that many times people have an excess amount of food which makes them fat and with the passage of time; it turns out to obesity which enhances the chances of diabetes. Malnutrition is also one of the important aspects of death which is opposite to obesity, however, it was also found as a reason for the death of children which is because of the scarcity of food because many people to have two times nutritious meals which become of the biggest reasons death.

Nowadays most of the children do not prefer healthy food because their eating pattern has changed since their childhood; they are having fast food and junk food which has entirely changed their taste of tongue.

What Is The Purpose Of Chcece004 Promote And Provide Healthy Food And Drinks?

The Australian government has in 2013 released some guidelines on children's diets. Following are the instructions for children with respect to their diet.

  • Children have to follow some healthcare tips like they should be physically active and agile and they should properly have some nutritious food to maintain their health as it can be helpful for their physical health.
  • Children should have these five nutritious eatables in their food which will help them build their physical health. These are protein, fat and micro nutrition foods like green vegetables and different variety of fruits.
  • Encouraging women to give their children their own milk which will be more beneficial for their children's physical growth.
  • Always make fresh food for your children and store it carefully.

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As there are some nutritional differences for children and adults because the amount of nutrition, adults need is more in quantity than the amount of nutrition children need.

Following are some important ingredients which children need to take in their diet.

  • Always have fruits and green vegetables in food which have essential health nutrition in their diet.
  • Children should have a different variety of food which can improve their physical as well as mental health.
  • They must have multiple varieties of cereals in their food which is known for their good source of protein.
  • Those who are non-vegetarian can have some other sources as well like tuna fish, chicken and beef in their diet.
  • Give them some other things like milk, curd and some other product made with milk.
  • Children should be given whole milk and other adults should consume fat less milk as their energy need is not so much.
  • Always choose water for drinking, and do not promote other kinds of drinking options.
  • Never give alcohol to your children.

Apart from this, children also need to practice some physical exercises.

  • Physical exercise is also important for holistic development which is more important for children's development.
  • Apart from physical exercise, children should also practice yoga in their routine.

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What Is The Importance Of Chcece004 Menu Planning?

This is the whole menu structured by the Australian government which is compulsory to follow by the children. This unit is related to the health of the children which is basically related to the Australian government's public healthcare policy.

Education and care services National Regulation 2011:

There are 79 services which are serving food and beverages.

  • All the approved health service providers provide food and beverage services to the students.
  • Food and beverages should follow all the quality standards.
  • Each and every children's growth is important
  • All the furniture and utensils used during mealtime should also be cleaned well.

What Is The Food Safety Standard Advised By The Australian Government?

The Australian government has instructed some guidelines on food preparation and safety.

  • Personal hygiene is a prerequisite while preparing food.
  • The Diet of children should be monitored properly.
  • All the food safety standards should be followed.
  • Food temperature should be properly maintained after preparation.
  • Storage of food should be properly maintained.
  • All the prepared food should be labelled properly.
  • All the food storage should be properly maintained to avoid any safety standards.
  • All the types of equipment related to children should be properly sterilized.
  • All the food safety programmer should be followed.
  • Food should be handled properly by using cleaned utensils.
  • The work environment should be clean and neat so that food safety can be assured.

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How To Guide Children To Have A Healthy Meal?

For being healthy, children need to follow some things in their life like having nutritious food and proper exercise. Apart from this students need to have some more eatables like fruits, green vegetables, and plenty of water pure water.

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