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Chcdiv002 Assessment Answers

How To Get Top-Notch Chcdiv002 Assessment Answers?

We all are proud of the country we live in or we work for, but do we actually know enough about the unity or diversification of our country? The answer is probably a big no. Looking at the history of Australia, we still are unaware of the information of Aboriginal tribes and Torres Strait islander and their related concepts. A student should know all were the problems faced by them according to their values and beliefs.

The students who have to attempt the chcdiv002 answers have to hit their heads searching for the indigenous history of the country. At the end of this blog, all your doubts and concepts related to the subject will be cleared.

Who Are Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islanders?

The Australian inhabitants who were first to migrate out of Africa are considered Aboriginal tribes. They reached Australia after traveling through the south Asian shores. Many pieces of evidence of archaeologists have proven that they still exist, dating back for around 65,000 years.

Students can get such information in the CHCDIV002 assignment sample and they are worth knowing.

  • They are having heterogeneous groups and have vast diversification. The population is so diverse that they are divided into different subgroups having individual denotations and traits.
  • In the late 18th century, during the time of colonial invasions, there were more than 500 nations and 250 languages and the language of aboriginal was a part of the tally.
  • The Torres Strait Islands are spread over 48,000 sq. km and include small islands that are around 274 in number. The Torres islanders belong to the whole island that is located between the passage of Cape York and Papua New Guinea in Queensland. The people who lived on the island were of Melanesian origin.

Mentioning the below points in chcdiv002 assessment  answers increases your chances of getting higher grades. So, have a look at them:

  • When it comes to cultural diversity among the population it refers to the difference between the living of the people based on religion, law, beliefs, rituals and lifestyle.
  • The cultural values in people have come from various plays, Dreamtime stories and songs. Stories are narrated to students from a very young age so that they can get familiar too.
  • The population including the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are segregated on the basis of personalities, values and traditions.
  • Although all the cultural community functions on a similar belief there is a thin line when it comes to personal grounds.
  • The native place of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are Tasmania, mainland Australia, Groote Eyland and Stradbroke Island.
  • To make them different from indigenous Australians, in their common lexicon various types of words are used.

To dig deep in terms of history and diversification, the educator can seek the guidance of assignment experts for making their task more informative.

What Were The Spiritual Beliefs?

  • Aboriginal Birth: It stated and declares that men will not be allowed in the process of childbirth. They can only allow sharing the information and for consultation purposes. This assures that only women doctors should be present at the time of birth of the child or at the time of delivery. This becomes a challenge to provide the best assignment writing services as there was a lack of communication between the mainstream doctors.
  • Belief in Death: There are high chances that your CHCDIV002 case study answers will include these topics. That�s why we are providing you with some bullet points for the same:
  • The Dreamtime: For explaining the existence of life, and for describing the spiritual belief, the aboriginal people use the word �dreaming�. By outlining the stories and spiritual beliefs it showcases CHCDIV002 Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety and how the rivers, hills, plants and animals were made.
    • According to them, if someone is remembering or recalling the deceased person then you are disrespecting the concerned one.
    • If someone wants to tell about the deceased one, then they have to inform indirectly without quoting the name.
    • Even in written form, the name is not allowed. Not only this, they will ask to delete all the pictures and videos of the deceased person.
    • This information is important to know if you want to deal with the health sector for these people.
    • The death ceremony continues for about 2- 4 weeks and close friends and family members have to take leave from their working company to visit the house of a deceased person.
    • They considered it as an offensive act if someone is not able to present at the grief ceremony.

Chcdiv001 Assessment Answers

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