Who Invented Homework And Why

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Who Invented Homework And Why

Roberto Nevelis of Venice, Italy, is often credited with having invented homework in 1095 or 1905, depending on your sources

Every student in their life has realized that they love going to school and college, but the only thing they hate about education life is homework. You must have giggled with your friends during lectures about who was the person behind the concept of homework, and without knowing the full information, we all, as a student, has hated the person so much. There are so many debates that revolve around assignments. Students and teachers have the opposite thinking about homework. The tug-of-war between the professors and educators will never end.

It's very important to know all the facts about assignments before making any conclusion. That's why in this blog, we are going to discuss all the interesting facts that a student must know about homework. We hope that you will be a little more motivated to do your next assignments by the end of this reading. However, the scenario has changed with the guidance of homework help UK several students are more than happy while doing homework as they get a chance to outshine in their class.

Who Made Homework And Why?

Roberto Nevilis was an Italian pedagog who was behind the concept of homework. The credit for improving the education system is all because of the homework. Although earlier, it was believed that assigning homework or assignments was an alternative to giving physical punishment.

The reason behind the concept was a little bit simple. The inventor invented homework not to forget the learning as soon as they left their classes. The main motive is to enhance the creative skills and make students more familiar with the concepts. Roberto Nevillis was a teacher, and he never wanted students to forget things that he has taught with so much determination and hard work. That's why he decided to invent a different method by assigning homework.

This is the one side of history; when we look at the other side, some people also believe that the homework was invented by Pliny, who gave some home assignments to his students or followers to improve their skills. He asked students to practice some exercises at home for practice. However, Nevills is only responsible for the creation of homework.

Now, many more questions must be popping into your mind, so let's talk about some homework facts one by one.

What's The Purpose Of Assigning Homework? What Does Homework Stand For Teachers?

There is a different perspective of students and teachers while doing homework. Let's see from the viewpoint of teachers what's the definition of homework.

  • Many research has shown that assigning homework to students can enhance their skills as they focus more on learning.
  • A student becomes active at home and remembers well what was taught to them in class.
  • As it is said that practice makes a man perfect, so by assigning assignments to students, the professors aim that students should do regular practice to master the skills.
  • One of the reasons is to check the capabilities of students and what extra they can learn.
  • Students don't get off track if, from time to time, homework is given to them; they will be more informed about their academic syllabus.
  • Last but not least, it keeps the confidence of students high so that they can perform well in the upcoming exams.

The Viewpoint Of Students Are The Opposite

The importance of homework is up to the mark; it's necessary for students' growth and learning. However, students have some valid points which can't be neglected. We all know how tough it is to be the number one student; you must perform well in all activities. In this scenario, it's quite challenging to cope with piles of homework. Thanks to the assignment helper, they are there with students in every thick and thin situation.

Some more reasons from student's viewpoint are:

  • Takes a lot of time and effort - The students have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, and achieving higher grades in assignments is one of them. It takes a lot of time to write professional answers, and that's why they hate doing homework as they are left with zero hours for other activities.
  • Does not get enough appraisal - After putting so much effort, parents and professors do not give them the credits they have tried best. All their efforts went in vain when they didn't get enough marks.
  • Feeling of stress and anxiety - completing the assignments till the cutoff dates is a lengthy procedure. To be the best, you have to research a lot and gather a lot of information which sometimes gives so much stress to students.

What Went Wrong With Homework?

From the student's point of view, we can notice that homework background is causing more trouble. Instead of improving their skills and knowledge, it is becoming a headache for many people. The result is that students can't add a little more fun to their college life due to assignments.

There are a lot of new concepts in every subject, and sometimes teachers may assign some topics for a home to reduce the syllabus. This becomes too hectic for students, and they end up having poor grades in academics. Not only did their academics get hampered, but they also didn't get enough time for following their passion and hobbies.

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Happy learning!

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