Which Is The Best Nursing Degree For The Students

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Which Is The Best Nursing Degree For The Students

Nursing is one of the highest demanding degrees among the students. This is not only the best rewarding career, but it's satisfying also for the students. Health is one of the most serious and important issues for the students because it is said that health is wealth, that means if you lose your health, you will lose your wealth, that is one of the reasons for the students to prefer nursing as their first career option.

If you are damn sure about your career in nursing then you should have enough understanding about the best available courses. Bachelor of Science in nursing is one of the best demanding courses among the students. However, there are some popular nursing courses among the students.

  • Diploma in nursing: Diploma in nursing can be acquired from any institute, college or university. There are many government colleges, universities, there are many good private colleges and universities as well which are providing the diploma in nursing. It is one year short term course. Through the nursing diploma course, students cannot become a registered nurse, for becoming registered nurse; you need to have degree course in nursing.
  • Associate of science in nursing: It is also one of the best diploma courses available to make career in nursing services. The duration of this course is two year which helps students in making their career in nursing services. This one of the best and shortest courses to become a registered nurse.
  • LPN to associate: It is kind of bridge course conducted but some universities and colleges. The duration of this course ranges from 1 to two years.
  • Bachelor of Science in nursing: It is one of the best available courses for those who want to reach at the highest peak in the nursing profession.
  • Master of Science in nursing: This is the course for those students who want to take their career at the highest peak in the nursing services. It is done after completing the bachelors in nursing. The duration of this course is around two years.

What Are The Types Of Nursing Degree?

As per the need of the nursing services, there are various nursing degrees are being offered by the universities, colleges and universities. Following are the list of some important degrees in nursing services.

  • Associate degree in nursing.
  • Family nurse practitioner programme.
  • Midwifery programme.
  • Bachelor of Science in nursing.
  • Doctor of nursing practice programme,
  • Master of science in nursing programmes,

After completing the degrees and diploma in nursing, students need to apply for license for the practice of nursing services.

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What is the basic eligibility for the admission in nursing degree?

Every year lakhs of students apply for the admission in various nursing universities, colleges and institutes. However, most students do not get chance to study because of ineligibility. Let us have a look at the eligibility criteria for the admission.

  • High school and intermediate mark sheet.
  • Students need to score good marks in biology, physics and chemistry and English

Which Kind Of Experience Is Best Suitable For The Nursing Students?

Those students can get quick jump in to their nursing career if they have some experience with any hospital and clinic. An experienced candidate is always considered the best suitable for nursing service.

What Are The Career Options After Completing The Degree In Nursing?

Nowadays, there are many career options available in nursing services; students can get these opportunities for making the bright future in the nursing services. After completing the degree or diploma in nursing students can get employment in various fields.

  • Students can get jobs in multinational hospitals.
  • They can get jobs in some government hospitals.
  • There would be chances to get jobs in different nongovernmental organisation.
  • They would also get chance to serve in community clinics.
  • Students can also get opportunity to get an employment in private clinics as well.

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Apart from this, if students do not have prior experience of nursing, in that case they can start their nursing career as an apprentice in a hospital, medical clinic or with any other medical practiceners. Starting career as nursing apprentice is considered a good career start because it gives practical knowledge as well as money. There are the following advantages of nursing apprenticeship.

  • It gives practical knowledge to the students which would be very helpful for the career growth of the students.
  • Students can get an opportunity to mentorship after passage of some time because these candidates would be having practical experience.

Following are the task assigned to the nursing apprenticeship students:

  • An apprentice nursing students need to look after from administrative to clinical task.
  • They need to support patients carefully and they need to care their rooms as well.
  • Changing the bed sheets of the patients.
  • They also need to transport the patients from one place to another.
  • Their one of the tasks is taking sample for different kinds of diagnosis.
  • They also have to prepare the time schedule.
  • Apprentice nursing students have to remove the bandage of the patients.
  • Dressing and bathing the patients is also one of the important tasks of the apprentice nursing students.
  • Recording the data related to all the medication provided to the patients.

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What Are The Benefits Of Nursing Apprenticeship?

With the help of nursing apprenticeship students can get advantages like they can get hands on experience. Apprenticeship gives an opportunity to enhance professional experience.

Following are the steps to get the apprenticeship.

  • First complete the nursing programme.
  • Now apply for the apprenticeship programme.
  • Now give your services and learn the practical skills.
  • Get your apprenticeship award.

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