What To Capitalize In A Title

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What To Capitalize In A Title

Proper punctuations, rigid sentence structure, and correct use of words are the backbones of a well-written piece. Without following the basic rules of grammar, you can never come up with an outstanding piece of writing. It states the rules for both spoken and written aspects of a language. Each building block of grammar namely, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions, help in maintaining the dignity of a language. The knowledge of subject and object in a sentence is necessary to follow a certain sense of decorum.

Capitalization is another part of correct grammar which holds special significance in forming a correct sentence structure. The first letters and other important parts of speech like proper nouns are capitalized to indicate uniqueness. It supports the concept of clear and concise communication between the readers and authors. At the university level, paper title capitalization rules in research papers, dissertations, books, and articles are different. They follow a particular style guide like the APA manual, Chicago Manual, or MLA handbook. Each style has its own set of pre-written rules which are needed to be followed when opting for that particular referencing or writing style.

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Rules Of Essay Title Capitalization

Correct capitalization in titles is as important as structuring the rest of the assignment or dissertation. Students take its significance for granted. No matter how light and purposeless this act may seem, a minor mistake can lead to a major reduction in your grades. Some people may think that each word in a title is significant and others might underestimate every word. Both of them are extremely wrong. There are rules which are needed to be followed to grasp the concept of capitalizing in titles.

  • Capitalize the first word and verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs

The first word of the title must be capitalized without any exceptions. Apart from that, any verb, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and proper nouns are also capitalized.

  • Never capitalize conjunctions, prepositions, and articles

Below are two examples of the same sentence written in a different way:

  • 'Globalization and Privatization in the Indian Economy'
  • 'Globalization And Privatization In The Indian Economy'

Out of these two sentences, the first one looks more presentable and grammatically correct. Even though they convey the same meaning, the different depiction is clearly visible. Article (the), prepositions (in), and conjunctions (and) must be written in lowercase while writing the title for any subject.

  • Special attention to hyphenated words

Words like 'Super-skilled', 'High-tech', etc. are called hyphenated words. In this, the first part is always capitalized whereas the latter half is in the lowercase.

  • Capitalize the last word of the title

If the title comprises two or more words, capitalize the last word of the title.

For example, 'The Fault in our Stars'

Here, 'the' is the article but still it is capitalized as it accounts for the first word of the title. The last word is also capitalized.

  • Same rules with sub-headings

Any dissertation, project report, thesis, or assignment comprises sub-headings after the main title. All these rules are to be applied in the same way as they are followed for capitalizing in headings.

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How To Execute Heading Capitalization?

Professors of reputed universities like the University of Melbourne, University of Technology Sydney, etc. have an eye for detail. They closely examine the formatting styles and cross-check research facts. This is why a student needs to follow the same level of consistency throughout the academic paper. The only trick you need to remember is that to never switch between the capitalization styles.

Here are some of the heading capitalizing rules:

  • The main words of the titles and sub-titles must be capitalized. Irrespective of which parts of the speech category they belong to, the important words must have their first letter in uppercase. If the essay revolves around the concept of healthcare, then whenever healthcare will appear in the heading or sub-heading, it will be capitalized.
  • Always capitalize the first letter of a verb. This directs special attention to the action going on in the entire write-up.
  • Never capitalize articles, prepositions, or conjunctions. This disrupts the structure of the entire title. It takes away the authority and power given to the heading.
  • Remember to capitalize helping verbs like was, be, are, etc. Keep in mind that they too are a category of verbs.

Out of all the writing and referencing styles, APA is used mostly by many publications and professional experts. It makes headings illustrative and comprehensive. You can easily use this style for in-text citations and maintaining a referencing list.

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Frequently Asked Question Related To Title Capitalization

What words in a title are not capitalized?

Words belonging to the group of articles, coordinate conjunctions, and prepositions are never capitalized in the title. This accounts for major grammatical errors.

What do you capitalize in essay titles?

While writing a title, you need to capitalize the first and last word of the stated heading. All the nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and other significant parts of speech are also capitalized.

Do you capitalize hyphenated words in a title?

A hyphenated word has two separate elements. The first element is capitalized by the first letter and the second half of the hyphenated word starts with a lower-case alphabet. For example, Well-qualified, Round-the-clock, etc.

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