What Is Citation Machine

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What Is Citation Machine

Citation refers to acknowledging the ideas of other authors which have been used in your own research paper. It gives credits to all the other sources from where you handpicked the ideas for your assignment. If we are using ideas, facts and quotes from different sources, then there is an essential need to add in-text citations. This does not indicate that exact copying of text is allowed. Instead, you always need to paraphrase the thought and then those in-text citation creator are inserted.

There are three advantages of adding a citation in your research paper:

  1. This allows to confer proper credit to the authors whose original ideas were taken and formulated in your own research paper. Without adding citations, the creator and originator of these innovations would never be known.
  2. Suppose if you are paraphrasing a thought from some other paper, by adding the name of the author, you are directing the audience towards that one specific thought. If they developed any interest in the stated viewpoint, they can easily refer to the previous research paper and gain in-depth knowledge about the topic for better understanding.
  3. Plagiarism is the process of copying someone else thoughts, ideas or innovation in your own paper. Who wants to commit plagiarism? Exactly, no one and citation save us from being incorporated in such an act.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Citation Machine?

We are always taught the important aspects of structuring a project report for our universities. We are made familiar with the importance of research, but were never explained the significance of citations. They cover a small portion of the otherwise lengthy paper. But small things matter too when it comes to education. Without these, we would have been taking the risk of committing plagiarism. Avoiding its importance can be the biggest mistake of your entire learning experience.

It can be time-consuming to cite every source you come across. This will need immense knowledge of each referencing style. You need to know the format of these references. This is where the text citation machine comes into play to save you some time because isn�t research already hard enough?

A citation machine is a tool which is used to create proper references to be implemented in your academic paper. It can create various different styles of references. It is beneficial for students looking for both in-text citations and proper referencing lists. It depicts the use of all the sources from where the information was gathered throughout the research. Each aspect of the given task uses correctly created citations with the help of these online citation generators. It saves you from the dark shadows of risking the act of plagiarism. These online tools are easier to use which gives students an effective and well-crafted assignment.

What Are Citation Examples?

There are different citation sources available online for various types of referencing styles. Some of these styles are discussed below:

  • Chicago Citation Machine

This referencing style is also known as Turbian style. It uses the �author-date� method for adding in-text citations. You need to put a number in the superscript after ending the quotation. Also, remember to jot down the pieces of referencing in the endnotes of your presentation or paper.

For example: [Last name, First name. Title: Subtitle. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher, date of publication]

[Goldberg, Joe. Effects of Privatization: The economy of Australia. New York: New York University, 2008]

  • APA Citation Machine

APA is an abbreviation for American Psychological Association. This referencing style is largely used in the papers related to management.

For example: [Author Surname, F. M. (Year of publication). Article title: Subtitle.Journal Title, Volume, page range. URL]

[Goldberg, Joe, 2008. Effects of Privatization: The economy of Australia, 25(6), 56-98.]

  • NLM Citation Generator

National Library of Medicine provides the in-text citations and referencing list for the medical background. It is used by the medicine professional to cite their research paper.

For example: [Surname Author Initial. Title. City: Publisher; Year Published. p. Pages Used.]

[Goldberg, J. Effects of Privatization. New York: New York University, 2008, p. 56-98]

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How To Cite A Pdf On A Citation Machine?

Citing a PDF is a confusing and time snatching task. It is quite difficult to cite the source which comes from a PDF but once you wrap your mind around the process it becomes easier and effective to apply this in your project report.

You need to understand what is the matter inside the PDF because it is not the source but a representation of another source. Suppose, the chosen PDF includes information or depiction of a newspaper article. Then, cite it in the same way as you would cite a newspaper. Choose the same methods based on the referencing style. You can choose free citation machines to match the authenticity of the format used while referencing and in-texting. The only additional requirement is to attach the URL of the PDF to direct the audience towards the mentioned source.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Citation Machine?

Is it okay to use a citation machine?

It is completely legal and normal to use a citation machine for citing your research paper. It helps while you are in the process of conducting extensive research for your report. It is beneficial when you have to keep a complete track record of all the sources you used the entire time. Many referencing and formatting styles are available which can be used to have a time-saving experience.

How do you do MLA citations for websites?

The format of the MLA citations is as follows: [the last name of the author, first name. �Work title�. Name of the journal, publication date, URL of the website].

You need to add the accessed date at the end of the format if the date of publication was not available.

How to cite a website with no author?

If the website mentions no author, then use the title followed by the year of publication. You need to use double quotation while adding the title. Also, remember to use the full title if the website has a title that is short and abbreviated.

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