What Are Social Issues

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What Are Social Issues

Social issues are those concerns that directly impact the society. They indicate those issues which are not being addressed or discussed till now. Social issues give an opportunity to the people to think on the challenges of the society. As we are human beings so no one is superior, we all are equal. The concept of modern social justice has evolved from the 19th century.

What Are Social Justice Issues?

Social justice issues have always been challenging to human beings as they directly affect human lives. Following are some social justice issues which have greater impact across the world.

  • Climate change: Humans have greatly affected the climate in multiple ways as many climate scientists of the world have warned to the people about the climate change, however, in order to increase the development, humans have created various things without considering the climate of the our planet like air conditioners, established many industries which impacts climate like plastic industry, leather industry and chemical industries, so the social justice organisations are working to mitigate these kinds of social issues.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare is one of the important social issues because it has a direct impact on human health. However many countries in the world have drafted a bill on healthcare to provide better health to the people which is a significant contribution in providing social justice to the people. For example the United States have drafted a bill on healthcare known as Obama care, however, many countries of the third world are not able to provide healthcare to its citizens which is again a major social issue, hence many social justice organisations are working in this direction to improve the healthcare system at the global level.
  • Refugee crisis: The world has and still facing several refugee crisis and they are considered as the outsiders in a country where they move to live, however being a human they do not get all the basic amenities which are supposed to be provided, for example refugee issue in America.

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What Are Social Issues In America?

In every society, social issues have been a major challenge for the people because these have severe impacts on human development. As social justice is the safeguard, provided to the people by the government like health issues, education issues, environment, immigration issues, racial justice, gun issues and child abuse. There are many social concerns in the United States which impact the social justice of the people.

  • Marriage: Marriage is an institution which enables the people to learn how to live together in society, the importance of relationships, the importance of coexistence, however people of America are breaking the joint families which is impacting the social problem in America. As a result, it is impacting the social fabric of America that is why many social justice organisations are helping people in this direction.
  • Welfare: In 1960, the president Lynden took a major step to eliminate poverty from the United States, however it was not proved so successful, there are 12% people still living below the poverty line in America.
  • Election: There are many cases of voting fraud found during the election which impact the democratic system. As a result, people do not get a fair chance of the right to vote which is a violation of social justice of the people of America.

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What Are The Current Social Issues?

Nowadays world is facing various global challenges or social issues and all are created by humans itself for the sake of their development, however, most of the things which have been created by humans to themselves are now turning into challenges to human beings like we have created atom bombs, ballistic missiles and chemical weapons, excavated fossil fuels, cut down trees and many more uncountable things. Here are some significant social and global issues which impact social justice of people greatly.

  • Food scarcity: The United Nations have set the goal to achieve zero hunger till 2030 but due to various reasons, the UN is not able to achieve this target.
  • Disarmament: It is also one of the important global issues in the world, since the creation of the UN; it was one of the main goals in UN's list, which is a great global social issue to humanity.

What Are Social Issues In The World?

Being human, we care about everything which impacts our life. Nowadays, most people are facing major challenges due to several factors like the issue of water scarcity, biodiversity loss, ocean conservation, food security issue, health issues and education issues.

What Are Social Justice Issues 2022?

Nowadays humans are facing multiple challenges and the challenges are created by humans only, so here we will have a look at some important social justice issues examples of 2022.

  • Abortion issue: Many women prefer this option as they do not want to conceive child in early age due various reasons like career instability, financial issues and health issues.
  • Marital rape issue: Nowadays, in most countries, sex without consent of her partner is considered illegal; hence it has also become a big social issue.
  • Gender equality: Although men and women both should be considered equal, however, women have been left behind in the race of development because women are considered less efficient as they have to produce children and have to care for their family so they paid less as compared to men.
  • Gay Marriage: There are many people in the world who want to marry with same sex, as a result, government maid some laws in order to social justice to these people.

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