NYU Acceptance Rate and Statistics

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NYU Acceptance Rate and Statistics

New York University is one of the best universities around the globe. Students dream to complete their undergraduate, postgraduates, and doctorate studies under the guidance of the experienced faculty present at the university. It ranked 22nd position in the list of best colleges in the 2022 edition of global universities. The success rate of its alumni and placement opportunities matches the fame of NYU itself. It is the best place for students who thrive on creativity, ambition, and innovation.

What is the NYU Acceptance Rate?

NYU has the lowest percentage of admission rate among the other national universities. To get accepted into the most prestigious universities of all time, you have to score an outstanding SAT result. It is even difficult for international students due to factors like SOP, visa approval, etc. According to the current reports, the acceptance rate at NYU is 21.1% for national students and 16.2% for international students. This indicates the tough competition students need to get through to get the taste of NYU.

The competitive exam like SAT is divided into two sections, i.e., reading/writing and mathematics. To achieve the shot of getting admissions, students have to score 670-740 in the first section and 700-800 in the other. Scoring an average of 1500 on your SATs puts you in the 99 percentile among the millions of other students who took the exam. In the case of international students, you need to have an outstanding SOP listing all the reasons you want to study in a foreign country. The better your SOP, the better are the chances of getting admissions to NYU. It may look difficult but the results will be worth it!

Campus Life at New York University

NYU has three branches in New York City, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. The campus life in NYC is culturally enriched. It is diversified among the students of different countries. In New York, there are two campus areas in Greenwich Village and Downtown Brooklyn. It has 23 halls for freshmen students to enjoy their hostel experience. The options available for eating the best food are there within the campus itself. There are many internships and placement opportunities present within the boundaries of campus. It also offers foreign programs for students . It provides a hub for cultural and extracurricular activities. This becomes an interactive platform for students pursuing different courses.

Process of New York University Admissions

Being a globally recognized university, NYU aims to keep the admission procedure simple yet effective. It provides different ways on various steps so that students located in and outside the domestic boundary can avail the best suitable options. NYU admissions requirements is divided into 4 categories:


    Students must have 3-4 years of experience in subjects like history, math, english, foreign language and lab science. They should also have in-depth knowledge on these subjects to impress the admission committee at NYU.

    Competitive exams

    There are different students from various parts of the world who are willing to study at this esteemed university. That is why NYU presents them with several competitive exams to crack and save their seats. They are NYU SAT score, ACT score, 3 subjects SAT or ACT scores, IB Diploma and any other approved international examination by NYU.


    Apart from classroom knowledge and academic scores, the experience students gather in the real world is also important. Students must pursue their interests and hobbies wholeheartedly. For example, a student who wants to pursue a journalism course can join a reader�s club, he or she can join an internship with any media channel. This will give them a better chance of getting in. It will also enhance their industry-academia experience. Several soft skills will be developed which would help in personal growth. And this is exactly what a good university needs.


    After covering each domain, the last step is to apply to indicate your desire to study at NYU. Your application must include common application, competitive exam scores, cultural activities portfolio, letters of recommendations, school report, college, and high school transcripts.

    Is NYU harder to get into than Harvard?

    Harvard and NYU are both the dream colleges of many students for courses like management, business, law, journalism, finance, and other recognized streams. These universities have made their name around the world. Their differences occur in geographical locations and distinguished cultural values. But if we focus solely on the acceptance rate, then Harvard has a lower acceptance rate than NYU. It provides admission to only 7333 undergraduates students for each session whereas NYU takes approximately 25314 students for the same. Thus, the statistics of these two esteemed universities indicate that Harvard is a bit more difficult to get into than NYU.

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    Frequently Asked Question related to NYU Acceptance

    Why is NYU acceptance rate so low?

    The demand for admissions in NYU is so high. Every year millions of students from different parts of the world apply for admissions in these universities. This increases the global competition. It results in selection of a few meritorious students and rejection of others which NYU has a low acceptance rate.

    What is new york university average gpa?

    Average gpa of NYU is 3.69. This puts New York University in one of the academic enriched universities in the world. Its research based schooling system is one of the reasons for maintaining this high bar for gpa.

    Is NYU as good as the Ivy League?

    Though NYU is not an Ivy League school, it gives them the best possible competition in many domains like research, campus life, students placements, alumni record and faculty members.

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