How To Write A Personal Letter

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How To Write A Personal Letter

Eons ago, when One Plus and I Phones weren't on the trending list and computers or laptops weren't just a casual thing to have at home, letters and landlines were the only form of communication. They were the only source for both formal and informal conversation. So, even in this generation of modernization, use of letters can be found in several cases. That is why, this blog will help you to get a better understanding of writing a personal letter.

Personal letter writing requires great writing skills as well as the knowledge of the topic of the conversation. They are used in the context of personal use. This is even given as an assignment on English Which is included in our curriculum. It is easy to write and even easier to comprehend.

Why Is It Necessary To Follow Personal Letter Format?

The format of a personal letter follows a specific structure which is as follows:

  1. Information of the sender: At the start of the letter, you need to write your name and address. It is usually written at the top right corner. You can also make use of a personal letter template if you don't have adequate time on hand to curate one from scratch.
  2. Information of the receiver: Now you have to disclose the person who is going to receive your letter. In real letters, this helps in delivering the mail to the concerned person whereas while writing through e-mails, it gives the sense of purpose to the letter. Make sure to add the correct address and name with proper use of their designation.
  3. Subject: This must be short and crisp. It is usually only written in one line. Subject is mentioned in a letter to get the overview and outline of the discussed topic. The reader gets to know the urgency of the matter through its subject line. You can check a couple of personal letter example at our website to understand how to write a short and crisp subject line.
  4. Salutation: In personal letters, you can address the receiver by using "Dear" when they are your close friends and family members. If you are writing a personal business letter, you can use "Sir/Ma'am.
  5. Introduction: In the introduction part, you start by exchanging greetings. After that, the purpose of writing a letter is discussed. A brief discussion about the topic is done.
  6. Main Body: This is considered the longest part of the letter. You precisely state all your concerns in the main body section. You need to keep track of your thoughts and views. They should be self-contained and self-explanatory. Discuss each point individually and effectively. Never jump from one point to another. You have to slowly build a link between the starting and the ending point as described in our personal letter format at our website.
  7. Conclusion: This is like the closing note of your personal letter. It organizes all your thoughts and puts them back on the platter from where the reader can easily take a bite. This helps in reviewing the summary of the letter.
  8. Sender's name with regards: Always end the letter with closing regard followed by your name. You can use 'Yours sincerely', 'Yours truly', etc. These steps with a hint of extensive vocabulary would easily make a good personal letter. Here are some attached personal business letter formats that can help you to write the exact letter you want.

These personal letter example for students can help them to learn these new skills. They can use these skills when they want to have a formal talk like structure for repaying back a loan, etc. You need to increase your knowledge of words. Use synonyms of the word which sounds simple and is generally used by everyone. This will not only help you in writing letters or emails but also while you are writing your college assignment as it enhances your writing skills.

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What is a personal business letter?

Business letters are a bit professional and formal but they are only given to those associates whom we know. That is why; it becomes a hint of personal with a touch of professional. A block style business letter on the other hand, is a professional letter given to those authorities which are not connected to us on a personal level. These letters are used to maintain healthy relationships among the employee and employer. The personal business letter format is the same as any other personal letter. The only difference arises when you are writing the main body. To address the topic of writing, you need to be more to the point and formal. Remember that they are only your office mates. There are various topics for which a person can use a personal letter like to draft a complaint, for writing a recommendation, thanking someone for an opportunity or inquiring about any goods and services. If you still have any doubts regarding the same, please feel free to check the personal business letter format provided on our website.

Do's and don'ts of personal letter writing

There are many life-saving tips and tricks you can use while drafting a letter. Keeping these in mind will reduce the chances of causing writing blunders.

Find a secluded room for writing

Writing in a place which is accessible to everyone around you is difficult. You will frequently get interrupted by one person or another. Always find a quiet place before starting with your writing.

Don't end the letter without the regards

Closing regards like 'Best wishes' or 'Yours truly/sincerely' are an essential part of completing a letter. This goes within the bracket of having basic etiquettes. It signifies that you respect the person on the receiving end. Apart from that, always try to include a compelling personal letter heading at the top of the letter.

Never skip the part of proofreading

While we start writing based on what we feel, we tend to make several writing errors. They can either be grammatical mistakes or incorrect sentence formation. You need to read your letter after you finish the writing part. This will improve the quality of your letter and act as an add-on benefit for your proofreading skills.

Make your writing catchier

You have to indulge the reader right from the starting subject line to the final closing note. You can use different figures of speech to gain their attention. Don't beat around the bush. Always be straight-forward and address the topic quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Personal Letter

What is a person-to-person letter?

It is the opposite of a business letter. This is written by one person to another, discussing personal matters. It never involves anything professional or formal.

What are some examples of Personal Letters?

Saying thank you to a friend, grievance letters, inviting them to a party, accepting an invitation, etc. are some types of personal letters.

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