How Long Should A Literature Review Be In A 10000 Word Dissertation

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How Long Should A Literature Review Be In A 10000 Word Dissertation

A dissertation is a final hurdle that almost every student has to face during their final year of university. Thesis writing is considered the longest form of writing in the whole academic years of a student, and that's why it is a challenging task for most students out there. In layman language, dissertation writing is a long version of a research paper. Comparing it to a research paper, the dissertation is more or less of the same type of writing but, the difference lies in the word count and the length of each section.

The simplest way by which a student can grab the highest marks in the dissertation writing process is to break down the various sections according to word count and research work in each section. If you were scratching your heads to get some dissertation help, then you have landed at the right place.

In this blog, we will help you out to know each detail about dissertation writing.

What Are The Main Chapters And Dissertation Should Be How Long?

A dissertation is considered complete only when the main chapters are included in it with proper research and information. Have a look at the main chapters that must be there, and this will give you a fair idea to write well:

  • Introduction - The students are expected to identify the gap that needs to be discussed in the topic. In the introduction section, you must brief a complete detail of your topic along with outlining the questions that you are going to address in your thesis.
  • Literature review - This is the most important part of your entire dissertation writing where you have to support your points with the help of published literature on the topic.
  • Methodologies - In this particular section, you are required to state all the methods you have used to do your research.
  • Analysis and findings - You have to critically analyse your outcomes and have to mention all the findings of the research you have carried out in your thesis.
  • Conclusion - To gain the attention of your readers, your conclusion part should summarise all the information you have put in your reports along with the justification of your findings and research question.

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How A Dissertation Is Divided?

Let us first answer the question that how long a literature review should be?

According to the experts, the literature review of your dissertation constitutes about 30% of the whole writing. If you are writing a 10,000 words dissertation then your literature review should be of at least 3000 words.

For your better understanding, we have given the percentage-wise distribution of the main chapters in a tabular form:

Main chapters

Percentage of word count


10% of the entire writing

Literature review

30% of the entire writing


15 % of the entire writing


35 % in which 5% is of results and 30% of the analyses part


10% of the entire writing

Point to be noted - The above distribution of the percentage is tentative, and students are advised to first check out their university guidelines before considering the same. You can also seek coursework help online for your dissertation writing, and they will advise you the best according to your university expectations.

How To Write A Dissertation Literature Review?

The literature review is based on secondary sources. While dealing with this section you have to research well on the published articles, blogs and published literature to check what others think about the topic.

As it is a major part of your dissertation writing, you have to put in your best effort while writing the dissertation literature review.

If collecting the information about the literature is not your cup of tea, don't hesitate to take dissertation literature help to robust your final grades.

To write your dissertation effectively and efficiently you must include the following while writing your thesis:

  • Get Accurate and updated information that revolves around your topic.
  • Proper reading and summarizing of your valid points.
  • Identifying the gap areas that you can include in your reports
  • Evaluating different sources, concepts and theories

Keep the above pointers in mind, and don't forget to do proper formatting for your dissertation literature review and for the entire content to grab good grades.

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While dealing with your writings you must support your argument with the help of valid evidence. Systematically analyse all the data and strategies and outline your topic theme.

Last but not the least, don't forget to go through your writings once again to correct all the minor mistakes and errors.

How To Choose The Material For Research When You Do Your Writing Without Dissertation Help

In the era, of the internet on your laptops and mobile, you can get each and every piece of information in a few clicks of the mouse. However, if there is an advantage of researching the internet, the disadvantages are also noticeable.

You will receive a lot of data and information but, you have to differentiate the wheat from the chaff. All the sources are not valid, and you have to select the relevant ones only to make your thesis the best.

The below points might help you to deal with the research work:

  • Go through all the concepts, theories and data and keep the material ready for your reference.
  • Check all the types of material related to your topic whether it is an article or a blog to get updated knowledge.
  • Talk about your topic keeping the reader's point of view in mind so that they can connect with your argument.
  • Keep your eyes on the samples provided by the subject matter experts.
  • Before doing your final submission if you run short of time then, hold hands with dissertation proofreading services so that they can give a final look to your thesis.

There is no doubt writing a dissertation requires a lot of time and effort but why worry, when you can outsource it and get your dissertation ready in a few clicks!

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