How Is Technology Affecting The Education Of School And University Students

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How Is Technology Affecting The Education Of School And University Students

We can see a lot of growth in various fields and sectors, owing to the implementation of avant-garde technologies. The education sector is one of them, which has turned almost 360 degrees after the integration of technologies with academic curriculums. From the past few pandemic years, we can notice that students' classrooms are converted into zoom meetings, and their textbooks are not coming in printed mode anymore. The change can be considered a positive one as with the advancement of technology, there is a broad scope of golden opportunities. The changing education scenario has also opened many new doors for students as they are becoming more productive. In this blog, we will explain how the education scenario is changing with the help of technology.

What Are The Benefits Of Technology In Education?

Before coming to any conclusion, it is essential to look at all the parameters and analyze whether technological advancements in education sector favor or are against the students. There is no doubt that we can notice the benefits more than the drawbacks. So, let's discuss the perks first:

  1. Better reach to resources - In the era of using internet services, it's become very convenient for students to gain all the required information online with few clicks. They have to make the best use of the internet, and after a few minutes of scrolling relevant sites, they get lots of new ideas. One of the most used examples is Assignment Help which most students prefer nowadays. It's all with the help of technology that educators are getting all sorts of guidance at their fingertips.
  2. More relevant connections - Many universities have the options of learning management systems in which students can get everything they need for their academics at one portal only. Not only this, but according to the assignment makers, they can also make online study groups and connect various live sessions with their seniors and professors. By getting more and more ideas from people, you can improve your skills and knowledge.
  3. Greater participation - Earlier, when students used to go to schools and colleges to attend live classes, there was more absenteeism of students than the online classes. The reason is that many students could not attend classes due to the distance between their home and learning place or because of some lack of resources available. However, in online classes, the students show increased participation as their traveling time gets reduced, and they can attend the classes in their comfort zone.
  4. Expand the boundaries of learning - The students have become more innovative and creative during their online learning. The universities have started some new approaches for communicating with the students. On the other hand, the students are more familiar with the new technologies and have started making their assignments more presentable. We can consider that technology change education in the future will be more beneficial in learning new technologies and advancement.
  5. Speedy learning process without much disturbance - There are around 50 students in every classroom. During the traditional classroom practices, students could not concentrate more on their studies due to a lot of noise and the surroundings. That's why it's more productive to stay at your place and focus on your studies without any distractions.
  6. Saves their time - Students can save time, money, and effort while attending online classes. When you are learning at sitting at your place, you get a lot of advantages for doing your other activities and hobbies. As you are involved in more activities, you will become more productive. Seeking Essay Writing services can also help you improve your performance by saving all your valuable time and precious money.

The benefits sound so unique to students and show that the future of technology in education will be more significant. However, the other side of the coin is that there are many drawbacks too. So, that's why it's essential to balance using technology and follow the traditional methods.

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What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Technology In The Field Of Education?

Before the advancement of technology, the professors used many techniques for making learning fun and interacting game. There is no match of face-to-face teaching that a student gets in schools and universities. The disadvantages of using the technologies are as follow:

  • No interaction between the classmates and professors - In online classes, there is minimum interaction between the students. Sometimes, only the teacher delivers the whole lecture, and students don't respond well. In this way, the communication skills of the students got hampered. That's why physical interaction classes are considered more valuable. Online Education facts and benefits provide tremendous opportunities, but the lack of interaction can't be ignored.
  • Not using the electronic devices for improvement - It has been observed that students use different electronic devices like mobile phones not for enhancing purposes but more for their entertainment. They get a good chance of using cellphones during the classes, which loses all their concentration level. That's why classrooms are preferable as mobile devices and other electronic devices are not allowed.
  • Can't enjoy the life of going to schools and colleges- Attending physical classes is much beyond learning; students get many chances to create memories and make their education more engaging. However, this is not possible during the online classes as students don't get lunch breaks and talks in an online scenario.

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As it is said that the change is the only constant, with the new trend of using technology, we should also accept the online mode. However, we can learn and grow from it always if used appropriately.

That's why the Essay Help has made the best use of internet technology to provide excellent solutions to several students' problems.

Always remember to take the opportunity and learn from it!

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