Elton Mayo Human Relations Theory

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Elton Mayo Human Relations Theory

Human relation is a field of study that provides the best ways to manage people in an organization. It helps in understanding the employee's thinking perspective, feelings, emotions, attitudes, and teamwork participation to make a good relationship between the managers and employees. These are the key ways to encourage employees and their productivity to get positive output from them.

Elton’s theory works on the module that every manager should be sensitive toward the employees. They must care for the employees and should not consider them a working machine and respect their efforts. Elton Mayo was an Australian psychologist who developed the basic guidelines for human relations. According to Elton mayo's human relations theory, workers should have satisfaction with their work and be motivated while pursuing any work. Money is not only a matter of difference; there must be various other factors such as work environment and healthy conditions for work.

Students pursuing their academic careers in management have to study Elton Mayo's theory of human relations. Getting the knowledge and skills on human relations theory by Elton mayo will benefit them in future practices in any organization where you have to handle employees with different characteristics. You will learn about the various methods and structures for handling the people in an organization and write the assignment on various topics during your academic program. By writing the assignment, you will get to know about mayo's principles and how he has designed the theory for an industrial age and modern, suitable practices.

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What Are The Characteristics Of Elton Mayo's Theory Of Human Relations?

  • Coordinating Process: You will come to know about eliminating the communication gap between the people and the organization. You will receive higher targets and greater efficiency from the employees if you conduct proper communication with them. It helps you to verify the various issues by having the right coordinating process and achieving the common objectives related to the work.
  • Job Satisfaction: With the help of human relation theory, you will get to know how people can get job satisfaction. People need to have a better focus on their social and psychological needs. They must be some non-monetary initiatives that enhance their morale and increase employee relations. It also enhances the productivity and efficiency of the employees.
  • Human Aspects: The human relations theory by Elton mayo was developed to get the responses related to the human aspects and their management. Employees must identify their basic needs and should have the willingness to work, which improves their work quality.

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Why Is There A Need For Skills In Human Relations Management Theory Elton Mayo?

The Elton mayo human relation theory displays the connection between extremely persuasive human productivity and organization. Employers and managers have to be well aware of communication and cultural relations to enhance productivity. Let’s have a proper discussion of various human relations skills are:

  • Communication: The core part of the human relation approach is to manage with the right communication skills. It helps to ensure that every employee has to be on the same page in an organization. It consists of all types of communication, such as non-verbal, verbal, and written. Communication skills are the best ways to convey better messages and a great way to send an e-mail and application to the managers. Therefore all the managers and team leaders should help the employees to enhance their skills like teamwork and collaboration.
  • Know About Conflict Resolution: Every organization consists of different types of employees from various cultural backgrounds. It can lead to various conflicts due to miscommunication or language barriers. This is why conflict resolution skills must be enhanced so that two parties can short out the issues with a peaceful solution. Also, employees must open their eyes and mind while discussing various types of conflicts so that they have better judgment of the problems. It will help an organization to have better decision-making and harmony in its working process.
  • Organization Process: One of the most important skills in the human relation approach and which generally affects the employees of an organization, must have a proper flow of work and physical workspace, keeping an organization in profits. It helps the employees to prioritize the working procedure and make an organized process of work.

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What Are Elton Mayo's Human Relations Theory's Advantages And Disadvantages?


Elton mayo's human relations movement theory enlaces the responsibilities of an individual and gives more freedom to them for working procedure. This provides a proper way of communication and teamwork, which shows that you can have a productive work environment. It is very beneficial for people as they can do various experiments in making the relationship with employees and managers. Get dissertation help providers for high grades.

It is the main level of productivity, and you can get various guidelines with the help of employee colleagues. It is less important for a person to have monetary incentives. Therefore, managers must be well aware of social attention.


Since Elton mayo's public relation theory increases the responsibilities of an employee, which leads to stress and pressure on them, many people are facing the disadvantage of Elton mayo's theory and have lots of work burden on them. These human relationships are only meant for interaction with the boss. Since it has been used to enhance the productivity of the work and improve their communication skills, all these theories are very important to gain success in life, but some people feel over the burden of work due to the implementation of Elton mayo's human relations approaches in their working module.

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