Difference Between Prose And Verse

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Difference Between Prose And Verse

In literature, prose and verse both have equal importance as without prose you cannot write a rhythmic content. The prose is straightforward whereas verse is difficult to understand. The prose is easy to write but the verse requires more knowledge to write any document. Prose and verse both are used in our daily life but prose is more common in our life.

There are some points which are considered as important while we see the difference between prose and verse.

  • Prose is language based in which there is no need of using any rhythmic language.
  • Prose is written in simple language whereas verse is written in poetic language or you can say in uncommon language which is normally used in writing poetry.
  • In prose, you have to write everything in sentences and these sentences turn into paragraphs. On the contrary, in verse, you write your ideas in lines and these lines turn into stanza.
  • Prose is written in simple sentences and with simple grammar whereas verse is written in parabolic language.
  • Prose always follows a logical approach whereas verse follows a hyperbolic approach.

What Is Prose?

Prose basically follows basic grammar rules which are used in daily life speeches and it is considered as the general form of writing.

What Is Verse?

Verse is written in stanzas with hyperbolic language and it is used to write the poetry because poetry requires rhythmic language which is only possible in verse. Verses always break the lines to make it attractive. Verses incorporate figurative sentence structuring which is not commonly used in daily speeches.

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How Is Prose Different From Verse?

Prose is a Latin word which means straight forward. The language which we use in our life is completely prose but in verse, we use hyperbolic language. All the short stories are considered as prose because it uses simple grammar to express its thought. You will never get any rhythmical tone in prose whereas in verse, you always get rhythm in all the lines. The language which is used in nonfiction stories is the simple language which is used in simple prose writing.

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Why Is Prose Important In Writing A Story?

Prose is considered part of literature and it is used in our speech. Without prose you cannot write a story. Prose is always written with general grammar and it always focuses on writing the simple words which everyone can understand easily and with the help of prose writers try to communicate with their readers, here they try to write everything in simple words. For understanding anything which is written in text, you would require prose that is why; most writers prefer to convey their thoughts in prose style not in poetry. Most writers use the verse in writing the poetry where they just try to compose their ideal literary words so that readers can have a pleasant feeling. There are some points that are mandatory in prose writing.

  • Fulfilling the need of story by providing required information which is needed in that story writing, without good writing it is not possible to convey the real idea of story.
  • Every writer needs to write a good plot but without using grammar and all the required tools of general writing it is not possible to write any story.
  • Writers can only spread their voice with their tone that is also called writer's tone; a writer can write a good story when he writes it in his own tone because it would be his natural tone.
  • Every writer should write through their mind because prose cannot be written with flowery language because without good writing, no writer can provide his best feelings in the text.
  • Prose should be communicative, readers should feel like they are suffering in that situation, that is only possible when a writer write it from his own tone but sometimes it is seen that some writers are not following their own feeling in their prose writing, as a result they fail in getting enough attention from the readers.

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Types Of Prose: There Are Basically Four Types Of Prose

  • Fiction prose- The story which is imaginary is known as fictional prose.
  • Non-fiction prose- Literary writing which consists of true story and it is based on facts.
  • Prose poetry- It is the combination of prose and poetry which uses high literary words.
  • Heroic prose- It follows fixed form words which can be seen in oral conversation.

Types Of Verse: There Are Two Types Of Verse

  • Blank verse- It does not have any rhythm and it used to show special events to attract the readers.
  • Free verse- Here you will not find any rhyming and it does not follow any pattern.

Conclusion: The verse always follows a single line whereas in prose, you will get large passages. Prose is used for natural speeches but prose focuses on rhythm.

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